There are multiple ways where an individual can safely park the money which can be used post your retirement. The best plan can be chosen depending on your income and retirement plans. 

Equities: This is an ideal investment plan for your retirement. Considered to be a risky investment plan for a short-period, with the power of compounding, the risk is reduced, and returns are huge when redeemed after a long time. 

National Pension System: This is a safe instrument plan for retirement. Introduced by the Government of India, under this scheme, an individual can get enjoy a stable financial life post retirement. 

Fixed Deposit: When you have a huge some of money, you can invest in a fixed deposit and enjoy a stable finance through the accrued interest which can be withdrawn monthly or quarterly. 

Real Estate: Purchase a real estate is not only an asset and also provides a steady income after you retire from your job through its residential and commercial uses. 

PPF Account: Public provident fund is a long-term investment plan that can be opened from any bank. The tenure is up to 15 years and partial withdrawal can be made after 7 years.