Children are very important to parents. They are very lovable and bring in cheer wherever they go. Parents make great efforts to bring up their children. They take great care to do the best for their children in every aspect of life - Education, entertainment, lifestyle, food, and of course, the most important - health. But the modern days are fraught with so many health problems due to food contamination, pollution, stress, food habits, and poor lifestyle. These affect the health of children, and they develop sickness and a life devoid of stamina.

For parents, this is a growing cause of concern. Day by day, the cost of healthcare is also shooting up in India. Due to these reasons, it is important to have a financial cover for children’s health - child health insurance. It will come in handy during medical emergencies. Children also need regular healthcare, and therefore parents must start shopping for health insurance plans. There are many child health insurance plans in India, but parents should pick the right one. Here are some key points one should keep in mind while buying health insurance for children. 

Tips for Buying Health Insurance for Children

Does the Health Insurance Plan Have Tie-ups with Network Hospitals?

Children are susceptible to accidents at school or at play, so they need frequent medical check-ups and hospital visits. Many health insurance companies provide cashless treatment at their chain of network hospitals. This is very useful. Parents must therefore look for a plan that has a considerable number of network hospitals, and the hospitals must preferably be in their residential area. Also, parents should check if the hospitals have experienced and expert pediatricians to treat the child well. 

Check the Premium 

Parents should calculate the premium amount or the cost they have to pay to the insurer. They should select a health insurance plan with affordable premiums. Then, they can select the coverage amount as well accordingly. 

Select a Policy with Good Coverage Amount 

Parents should look for a policy that has a sufficient coverage amount. It should be enough to pay any expense arising out of hospitalization, short-term sickness, diseases, accidents, and infections. It should enable one to spend without depleting his/her savings.

Does the Health Insurance Plan Have Vaccination and OPD Facilities

Young children have low immunity and are prone to frequent sickness due to weather changes, pollution, and seasonal flus. Thus, they will require frequent doctor visits. Parents must therefore check if the plan covers OPD and vaccination facilities. 

Examine for a Wide Range of Disease Coverage

If a newborn baby has been spotted with any kind of illness at a young age, then the parent must check if the health plan not only provides coverage for the existing disease but also for a broad range of other diseases. Also, the waiting period should be short.

What is the Permissible Age of Children in Family Floater Plans?

It is a known fact that family floater plans include children also. But, it is necessary to check the age at which the kid can be included in the plan. The ideal minimum age would be 91 days, and the maximum age will vary from plan to plan. Parents should choose a plan which will enable them to include the child at a very early age. This will hold good even in the case of individual health insurance policies.

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Different Things Should be Checked for Different Stages of the Child’s Life

The different milestones in a child’s lifecycle are the prenatal stage, after its birth, from childhood to the teens, and young adulthood. Different things must be checked while choosing the plan for the different stages. For instance, would-be parents should look for a plan covering maternity charges, pre-birth medical expenses, pre and post-delivery as well as hospitalization costs for both the baby and the mother, and coverage for a list of inborn diseases. 

What Should Parents Look for if They Have a Special Child?

When parents have a special child, they should choose an all-inclusive plan that provides extensive coverage for medical treatments and exigencies. This is because, treatment costs, medical emergencies, and doctor visits may be frequent in the case of special children.  

Pick a Plan that has Minimum Exclusions

There are certain exclusions that each insurer specifies in their policy. Under these circumstances, claims to insurance will be rejected. So, it is essential for parents to select health insurance plans with minimum exclusions.


Buying health insurance for children is an effective way to safeguard children’s health without touching one’s savings balance. Insuring at a young age for one’s child helps in getting better interest rates and premiums. While there are many plans, it is crucial for one to choose the best that is suitable for his or her child.

FAQS Buying Health Insurance for Children

1: How Important is Health Insurance for Kids?

Taking care of the health of children involves a lot of responsibility. They have less immunity, low reflexes, and are vulnerable. They come into contact with many people, eat what they like, roll and play in the mud, and are involved in many activities. So, they are prone to diseases, infections, and accidents quite often. Hence, health insurance is vital for kids. It helps in preventing huge expenditures being made on their health. 

2 :Can parents be a part of their children’s insurance plan?

No. Health insurance plans generally include spouses and children on the basis that they are dependents. But there is no such protection for parents.

3: What are the advantages of a family insurance plan?

  • It provides coverage for the entire family.
  • Premiums at affordable costs
  • Each and every member of the family gets huge coverage individually
  • Maternity coverage is included in many plans
  • You can opt for a comprehensive coverage
  • New members can be added easily 
  • Tax benefits

4: Should parents’ health be insured?

Yes. As parents grow older, their immunity, stamina, and reflexes become slower. They are very vulnerable and prone to diseases and sickness frequently. Therefore it is necessary to purchase a separate health cover for parents. 

5: What is the process to add my child to my health insurance?

An application request to add the child to the policy should be submitted in the format prescribed by the insurance company. It can be done when the policy is renewed annually. Proper supporting documents can be given. If the insurer is ready to cover the baby from the first day, the company should be intimated within one week of the baby's birth.