The market is flooded with different credit card options and each one is designed to serve you in a different way.  Credit card selection is often dependent on the purpose of usage. There are various categories of credit cards available for different uses such as- lifestyle, fuel, cashback, travel etc. There are even special credit cards to use only for business purposes and these are known as Business Credit Cards.

A business credit card can prove to be very helpful in smart money management for your business. If you own a small business or have a new start-up, it may be a good idea to use a business credit card. Keeping your business account separated from the personal account is always appreciated as it allows you to manage your money well. It also helps you to get better legal protection.  The usage of a business credit card can make you get substantial reward points for each expense through the credit card.

Advantages of Using a Business Credit Card

  • Expense Tracking

The use of a credit card in a business transaction helps you to keep track of every penny you use in your business. You will be able to check your transactions any time you want which leaves no space for confusion.

  • Higher Credit Limit

The business credit card helps you in purchasing expensive items for business as the credit limit is usually higher. As there is no fixed time to repay the credit, you can make the repayment according to your convenience.

  • Reward Points

Along with all other benefits, credit card usage helps you to get attractive benefits every time you make a transaction. Since the number of transactions and the amount spent is generally higher in businesses, the potential to earn reward points is also higher. No other transaction modes will help you earn reward points for making payments in your business as much as a business credit card.

  • Security

When payments are big, security can become a great concern. The payments through credit cards are one of the safest modes of making payments. The risk of cash payment or net banking can be avoided if you use credit cards for your business payments.

  • Online Transactions

Similar to swiping cards for transactions, you can also make online transactions on your credit card. The online transactions are mostly as safe as the card swiping. The online portal of the card provider also helps you with any of the doubts regarding the card transaction.

Choosing the Right Business Credit Card

  • Payment Habits - Considering a business credit card with an introductory promotional on either purchase, balance transfers, or both could be beneficial when your business requires a lot of investment or major purchases. These offers give you some time, usually up to a year, to pay off larger business expenses like equipment purchase, office furniture, or new technology, without accruing interest charges.

  • Rewards – A lot of business credit cards pay you cash back or other rewards on your purchases, sometimes at varying rates depending on the spending category. Your business may require a lot of travelling so having a card that rewards miles or points for travel could have advantages. If there is a lot of spending on shipping or office supplies, then it makes sense to go for a card that offers attractive rewards.

  • Sign-Up Bonus - Credit cards with rewards usually have a signup bonus that you can earn for spending a minimum amount in the first few months of having the card. These can give you a big boost right at the start but should be weighed against any annual fee that the card carries.

  • International Use - If you are planning to make international purchases or pay for international travel, a card with no foreign transaction fee can prove to be beneficial. This fee can be 2% to 3% of the purchase amount, so any rewards earned on the purchase would likely be cancelled out. There are many business cards in the market that don’t charge for foreign transactions, so if you’re hoping to grow your business abroad, you can choose one such.

  • Employee Cards - Adding employee cards allows you to extend purchasing power to your workers and earn additional rewards for your business. This can be extra useful if there are reward bonuses for meeting a certain spending threshold in a year.

Small Business Credit Cards in India

Here are the top small business credit cards available in India.

  • ICICI Corporate Credit card

  • SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card

  • Axis Bank Business Credit Card

  • HDFC Business Credit Card

  • Citibank Corporate Credit Card

ICICI Corporate Credit card:

This business credit card comes with a number of perks and benefits. The card is available in different variants such as gold and platinum. Key features include:

  1. Online banking

  2. Flexible billing cycles

  3. Interest-free credit facility for a period of up to 50 days

  4. Online e-statement

  5. Attractive reward points and other perks

SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card :

The SBI Platinum Corporate Credit Card makes it easy for business owners to manage their expenses. They come with a wide range of features and benefits. Key features of the SBI Corporate Credit Card include:

  1. Global acceptance

  2. 24/7 services

  3. EMV cards

  4. Smart expenses management feature

  5. Complimentary insurance

Axis Bank Business Credit Card :

The Axis Bank Business Credit Card is specifically designed to meet business needs and comes with EMI facility for big value purchases. Here are the key features:

  1. Airport lounge access

  2. Business savings schemes

  3. Fuel rewards and waiver

  4. Cash advance

  5. Automatic payments

  6. Easy EMI option

  7. Loyalty rewards

HDFC Business Credit Card :

The HDFC Business Credit Card is a great option for businessmen and comes with a range of features and benefits including global acceptance, cashback, lounge access, etc. Key features include:

  1. Airport lounge access

  2. Cashbacks on retail and international expenses

  3. Smartpay and business savings facility

  4. Renewal fee waiver

  5. Global credit card

  6. No liability on lost credit card

  7. Fuel waiver

Citibank Corporate Credit Card :

The Citibank credit card for business is designed for all types of business needs. They come with online management tools and a wide range of corporate benefits.

  1. 24/7 online banking

  2. A comprehensive expense approval system

  3. Online bill payments

  4. Travel offers and perks

  5. Reward points, gift vouchers

  6. Cashless payments worldwide

Eligibility Criteria for Business Credit Cards

  • Businesses must show a certain amount of profit, turnover or aggregates to the banks.

  • Companies applying for business credit cards must have satisfactory track records of operations.

  • Business cards are available to small businesses, limited companies, banks, government-run companies, partnerships and sole proprietorships.

  • There are also business cards available for just about anyone who requires a separate expenses account. This card can then be used for business-like expenditure which will help in tracking costs.


  1. Who Can Apply for a Business Credit Card?

Business credit cards are designed exclusively for business persons and hence only the business persons in India can avail a business credit card. Apart from some conditions which have to be met the annual turnover of the business decides the credit limit of the business credit card.

  1. Is it beneficial to opt for an international business credit card?

You must weigh the business requirement against the credit card options before making a decision. If your business involves frequent international purchases or travel, it makes sense to go for an international business credit card.

  1. Is it safe to use a business credit card?

If you opt for a business credit card from a reputed bank and take necessary precautions while using the card online as well as offline then you can ensure complete safety of your business credit card.

End Note

Credit cards have become an essential part of our lives and much of it is because of the utility it provides. Widely accepted across the country, it allows us to carry out transactions even if we have very little cash on us. Specialized credit cards for businesses can have manifold benefits and hence it makes sense for a business to opt for credit cards.