Credit cards make our lives so much easier. Whether you’re shopping online or at retail outlets, you can swipe your card to pay for your purchases. Today, banks offer an array of credit cards to suit the needs of different customers. Besides the increase in the choice of cards, customers have plenty of options to pay their credit card bills on-time.

Why pay credit card bills online? 

Before the advent of digital banking, cardholders had to visit their nearest branch and settle credit card bills by issuing a cheque/DD. Thanks to digital banking, you no longer have to spend time to visit your bank and pay your credit card bill every month. You can now complete the entire transaction in the comfort of your home, with a few taps and clicks. 

Here are a few benefits of paying credit card bills online:

  • Convenient and hassle-free – the payment can be completed from your home using your laptop, desktop or mobile. 

  • Save Time – Besides being the most convenient, online payments are less time-consuming, and the payment is processed immediately.

  • Save on fees – Offline payments of credit cards involve processing fees or charges. You can circumvent these unnecessary fees by paying online. 

  • Automate the payments – When you pay online, you can set up standing instructions with your bank, to automatically pay your credit card bills on a particular date every month. This way, you can avoid late payments and penalties. 

Here, in this guide, we walk you step-by-step on the different ways to pay credit card bills online. 

Ways to Pay Credit Card Bills Online

  1. Using your Bank’s Mobile App

This is the simplest and most convenient way to pay your credit card bill. Download and install the mobile app of your bank on your smartphone. Log into your bank account using your credentials. Look for the card section and link your credit card to your account. 

Once the card is linked, you can view your monthly statement. Tap on "Pay Bill" and select whether you want to pay the entire outstanding amount or minimum due. The amount is debited from your linked bank account, and your credit card bill is processed.

  1. Using NetBanking

Log in to your bank account using your login credentials on a desktop/laptop/tablet. Head to the cards section, and you can see a list of cards linked with your savings bank account. If you have not linked your card yet, first complete the process by following the on-screen instructions.

Then click on Pay Bill, select the amount you want to pay – the last bill, minimum payment or entire outstanding amount. Press confirm, and the amount is debited instantly from your savings bank account and is paid into your credit card account.

  1. Using NEFT

NEFT (National Electronic Fund Transfer) is a popular digital method to transfer money online. You can also use this method to pay your credit card bills, especially when you don’t have a savings bank account with your card issuer. Here are the steps for settling your credit card bill via NEFT.

  • Log into your net banking account using your login credentials. 

  • Head to the tab “Funds Transfer” and select NEFT. 

  • Click on "Add Beneficiary" and enter your credit card details. Under the beneficiary name input your name, under the account number enter your credit card number, and under the IFSC code, enter the IFSC code of the bank issuing the credit card. 

  • Once you have added the beneficiary, you can transfer the amount. You can choose to pay the outstanding amount in full or just the minimum payment, as per your convenience. 

*Note that the actual steps may vary depending on your bank’s interface. 

  1. Using the Bill Desk of your Credit Card Issuer 

You can use the digital bill desk of your credit card company to pay the bill. If you know the website of the bill desk, you can enter the URL directly in your browser. However, if you are not aware of the name of the bill desk, a Google search can help you. Enter the name of your bank + for credit card bill desk in the search bar. 

Click on the relevant search result and head to the website of the bill desk of your bank. Type in your credit card details – credit card number, type, cardholder name. Then, specify the payment amount. Complete the payment using your net banking account. The payment amount is debited from your savings bank account and credited into your credit card account. 

  1. Using Digital Wallets 

Several digital wallets like PayTM, Google Pay, MobiKwik, Airtel Money and several others allow you to pay your credit card bill. However, note that you cannot pay the credit card bill using the amount in your digital wallet. You need to complete the payment using your net banking account, debit card or another credit card. 

Few Points to Keep in Mind while Paying your Credit Card Bill Online

  • Having a net banking account simplifies your online credit card bill payments. Linking your credit card to your net banking account helps you keep track of your card payments and complete the payments quickly.

  • Ensure that you have sufficient balance in your bank account before you initiate the payment.

  • Before you pay your bills online, check if your browser is secure and the URL begins with “https.”

  • Never share your login details and OTP with anyone else. 


Pay your Credit Card Bills Online & Avoid Late Fees

Paying credit card bills online is convenient, quick and hassle-free. Use any one of the five methods mentioned above and settle your credit card dues on time, to avoid late penalties.