Imagine not having to worry about forgotten due dates on your credit card bill, no last minute-tension about rushing to the bank to deposit your credit card payment, no wasting time in queues on a working day. Online banking allows that world to come true! Paying your card bill online is quick, safe and hassle-free and can be done at your convenience, anytime.

First, you need to register for your bank’s net banking facility, if you have not already done so. This is a quick and very simple process. Go to your bank’s home page and click on Net Banking. You will be guided on how to register for online (Net) banking facilities. You will get a net banking user ID and password that allows you to pay your credit card bill online, transfer money electronically and avail of many other convenient, time-saving services.

Once you are registered for net banking, here are some of the ways you can pay your credit card bill online:

• If your credit card and savings account are with the same bank:

- You need to go to your bank’s net banking page and link your credit card account to your bank account. You can also set up a standing instruction so that your credit card bill is automatically paid every month and your account is debited. You can choose if you want only the Minimum Amount Due paid or the Total Amount Due. You do not need to ever worry about missed due dates when you choose this option.

- Mobile banking: You can also register for mobile banking so that you can make your card payments from your mobile phone.

• If you do not have a bank account with your credit card issuer:

- NEFT – You can use the National Electronic Funds Transfer (NEFT) system to transfer money from your bank account to your credit card account in another bank. You need to register your credit card issuer (Payee), your credit card number, the IFSC number of your credit card issuer and address. It is a very simple, quick, one-time process. Once all these details are registered, you can make your payment.

Time taken and charges: The actual time taken to credit the account depends on the time taken by your bank to process the payment, so it is better not to wait till the last day to make the payment. Many banks offer this transfer free of cost, but you need to check with your bank about any charges.

-ECS – You can use Electronic Clearing System (ECS) to authorise your credit card issuer to transfer funds from your savings account to your credit card account. You need to give your credit card issuer a mandate to do this. The authorisation is a simple process and details on how to do it will be on your credit card issuer’s website.

Switching to paying your credit card bills online will save you time, effort and the tension of missed due dates. Setting up a standing instruction to ensure automatic debit of your account will ensure that you do not make late payments.

Registering for net banking and making payments online is a quick and simple process that comes with long-lasting and significant benefits.