International Debit Cards:

Most of us take our debit card for granted as an easy and convenient way of making payments. But here’s one more advantage…….did you know that debit cards can be used internationally? Well, yes! You can easily make your handy debit card your travel companion and save yourself the hassle of exchanging your cash for other currencies. No more trying to figure out the best exchange rate the minute you land, or running low on money in a foreign country. A debit card comes in handy if you happen to lose your cash and need emergency money—provided you have enough in your savings bank account. Even in such a situation, some banks may offer emergency cash while charging you interest.

Several Indian banks issue debit cards which are accepted internationally. This is a boon especially for travelers – either on vacation or on business. International debit cards also have a reward point program especially for international spends. Following are some cards on offer for International debit card:

ICICI Debit Card: With the ICICI debit card, you can accrue accelerated 10 X reward points for international spends. Spends include online shopping on international websites, car rental, ATM cash withdrawals at international locations, dining and shopping. You can use your debit card in over 200 international locations and it gives you instant access to your account in India. There is no need to worry about currency conversion, as your card can be used to make payments in local currencies. The card also comes with an EMV chip which adds a layer of security and is safe for international usage. Do keep in mind that there will be service charges levied for international transactions made with your ICICI debit card.

HDFC EasyShop International Debit Card: If you are a HDFC debit card holder, you can use this card internationally and make it your travel companion. You can use this card anywhere you see the Visa logo, and at any ATM displaying the Visa or PLUS logo. This card can be used at all HDFC Bank ATMs just like you would use a normal ATM or debit card. Make sure to keep the charge slips handy in case of a void transaction during international transactions. You can simply fax a copy of the void transaction slip, or email it to the customer care or submit the same at your nearest HDFC Bank branch and have your issues resolved.

There are several other international debit cards available in the market. Check with your bank before your next trip abroad, and enjoy a safe and hassle-free trip.

The right debit card can help you save money on foreign ATM fees or high commission fees. There is an array of options from debit cards and travel cards that charge little or no international transaction fees and also offer a range of travel benefits and rewards on spends in certain categories.  Happy travels!

Note: The cards mentioned in the article are merely indicative of the kinds of International Debit Cards available on the market. You will need to choose your card based on your specific requirements.