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How To Tokenize Your Debit, Credit Card In 6 Steps

Tokenization is one of the most effective ways to improve the security of your online transactions. When you tokenize your debit cards and credit cards, instead of providing the card details to the merchant, you provide a unique digital identifier instead.

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Withdraw cash from ATM without a debit, or credit card; Here is how to use UPI for the same

Probably you would have withdrawn cash using a debit card or a credit card in an ATM. What if you are given an option to easily withdraw cash from an ATM without inserting a credit or a debit card. Well, It may sound counterintuitive, but currently, you can easily withdraw from an ATM using the UPI facility

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Making UPI Payments Via Credit & Debit Cards

Users were making UPI payments only from their bank payments. But now they can add their credit cards and debit cards too to their UPI app, and make payments from these directly. This feature can be used to pay bills, pay at merchant locations, or pay for online purchases. You cannot transfer money from your credit card to another bank account through an UPI app.

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How To Activate Your New Debit/Credit Card For Online Transactions?

Getting hold of a new debit/credit card makes one think that it can be used immediately. However, a new debit/credit card does not work without getting activated. It is very essential that one understands how to activate a new card so that you are not put in any kind of embarrassing situation.

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How To Buy A Mobile On EMI Using Canara Bank Debit Card?

Have you been wishing that you could afford the latest flagship smartphone? But, putting off the purchase because your bank balance is low? Worry not, we’ve got you covered! Continue reading for the steps on how to purchase a mobile phone on EMI using your Canara Bank debit card.

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Debit Cards Vs Credit Cards: Which One To Use While Travelling Abroad

The last thing most people worry about while planning a trip abroad is how will they spend money during the trip. If you are one of those who give little thought to this before venturing on your holiday, you may very well end up losing a substantial portion of your money to various fees.

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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Laptop On EMI Without Downpayment

A laptop with fast processing speed and great graphics is a must for everyone today. Whether you use your laptop for professional or personal use – a fast, modern machine with decent processing power has become mandatory.

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The Pros and Cons of Having a Business Debit Card

One of the focus points of every small business owner is looking into the details of money, including budgeting, managing cash flow, and controlling access to it.

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How debit, credit cards can teach children the basics of money matters

A successful parent is not when their child gets a great job in a big company with a huge salary nor when their kid has great values. It needs to be all of it – If your child does not have some qualities then you as a parent might think that you have failed. One such area a child needs proper care is money management – They cannot spend money as and when they want and how much ever they want. They need to understand the importance of money and how to save it.  

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How to buy Samsung mobiles on EMI using Debit cards?

How to buy Samsung mobiles on EMI using Debit cards - Mobile phones come in many price ranges and the features vary with the price of the mobile. This article gives detail about getting Samsung mobile phones on EMI using debit cards.

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Prepaid Cards for International Travel

Prepaid Cards for International Travel Here you are looking forward to a new exotic holiday destination! But even as you enjoy the sights and sounds of Bali, Venice or London one fear keeps nagging at you all the time – the cash that you are carrying around in your wallet for expenses.  That constant worry is an unwelcome travel companion on your visits abroad and cuts into your holiday experience. Want to get rid of this unwanted excess baggage of worry? &

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International Debit Cards

International Debit Cards: Most of us take our debit card for granted as an easy and convenient way of making payments. But here’s one more advantage…….did you know that debit cards can be used internationally? Well, yes! You can easily make your handy debit card your travel companion and save yourself the hassle of exchanging your cash for other currencies. No more trying to figure out the best exchange rate the minute you land, or running low on

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Debit Cards Vs Credit Cards

Debit Cards Vs Credit CardsMany people probably have at least one debit card and one credit card in their wallet. But do you know what the differences are and how they affect your pocket? Do you use both interchangeably? The conveniences they offer are unbeatable in many instances, but they have important differences that could substantially affect your bank balance. Read on to know the differences between a credit card and a debit card.How do credit

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Debit Cards for Students

Debit Cards for StudentsBeing in college is fun and exciting and a great new experience! However, it also means certain new responsibilities and many students enjoy the thrill of being in charge of their finances for the first time. Perhaps you have moved away from home to a hostel in another city, and need to manage your finances on your own for the first time – from paying your monthly chaiwala bill to buying text books or your ticket back home. Or p

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Reasons for Debit Cards for Shopping

Reasons for Debit Cards for Shopping Who doesn’t love shopping?! But are you also one of those shoppers who has wanted to buy something but not carried enough cash with you? Or worse, had their credit card payment rejected?  Do you dislike carrying wads of cash with you all the time, or worried about overspending on your credit card? Well, you needn’t bother about those as long as you got your little plastic friend – Welcome to the world of debi

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Debit Cards for Restaurants

Debit Cards for RestaurantsWho doesn’t enjoy going out for a meal at a restaurant? Are you one among those who love to dine out? If so, then do you also find that your love for dining out is creating a rather large dent in your pocket?! Well, time to look up which restaurants and cafes your bank has partnered with to offer discounts on your debit card. Getting a good deal on your favorite

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Debit Cards for Online Shopping

Debit Cards for Online Shopping: What’s not to like about a debit card? Debit cards offer several advantages that cheque and cash simply don’t have. They offer the convenience of making payment by just swiping the card at merchant outlets, saving you from carrying thick wads of cash, especially if you are making a large purchase. Unlike a credit card, you cannot fall into debt with a debit card since you can only spend what is available in your bank accoun

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Debit Card Movie Offers

Debit card movie offersWho doesn’t love offers on movies! With blockbuster movie releases almost every week, it is tempting to be rewarded for purchasing movie tickets! Do you buy tickets on Then here are some of the offers available on various debit cards when buying tickets on the BookMyShow website.ICICI Debit Card Offer:Buy one get one free offer: When you make a ticket booking on the website using your &nb

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Debit Cards For Fuel Purchases In India

Debit Cards for FuelA debit card is a convenient and easy-to-manage way of making transactions with the added benefit that you can never fall into debt by using it. Unlike a credit card, you can only spend the amount that is in your account.  However, like a credit card, you can also earn reward points, enjoy cashback and discounts on various spending categories like dining, travel and entertainment. Most banks also offer free insurance coverage, like accidental

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EMI payments on debit cards

EMI payments on debit cardsNeed an EMI option when shopping? Want to shop to your heart’s content but do not have a credit card to avail of easy EMIs? Would like a credit card but do not qualify for the one you want? Not sure which is the best credit card for you? Credit card application been turned down? Well, here’s some good news for you! Did you know that you can avail of EMI offers on your

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How to Buy Mobile on EMI with IDBI Debit Card

How to Buy Mobile on EMI with IDBI Debit CardAll of us know the advantage of a debit card—it is like a prepaid card which you can use to go cashless. It lets you track your expenses, allows instant withdrawal of cash, facilitates easy transfer of funds and is very easy to manage. It also saves the headache of crossing your credit limit and accruing heavy interest charges—which is usually the case with credit cards.However, with all these advantag

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