Housewives are in fact the primary users of credit card in a family. They are the ones who use the credit card for grocery purchases, online shopping, and various other expenses related to the maintenance of the family. 

It is only fair that they are given a credit card that will help them get the best benefits and offers with a good credit limit. However, since they don’t have an income stream, they may not be able to get a credit card on their own. Not to fret; there are other ways in which they can get their own credit card. 

  1. Get an add-on card based on the family head’s primary credit card - Someone in the family who already has a credit card can apply for an add-on card for the homemaker. However, in order to qualify for an add-on card, the primary cardholder must have a solid credit score and no history of missed credit card payments. Even if only one credit card payment for the add-on card is missing, the principal cardholder will be held liable. This will have an impact on the primary cardholder's ability to obtain fresh credit in the future. 
  2. Go for a secured credit card - They are not wage earners in the family, so they can only qualify for a credit card if they already have an account with the banks to which they wish to apply. The banks may approve their credit card applications based on their fixed deposits as collateral against their credit limit. Banks will provide a credit card with a credit limit that is typically 80% of the fixed deposit amount. The credit limit will be increased in proportion to the size of the fixed deposit.

Points to Note: 

  • Having an own credit card allows a homemaker to make her daily purchases and earn reward points which will add to the total savings that are being made.
  • She can also build her own credit score

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