Housewives can get a credit card through an add-on card option or by having a fixed deposit as a security lien at a bank where they can apply for a credit card. As they are not earning members of the family they can only qualify for a credit card if they already hold an account in the respective banks they want to apply to. So, with their fixed deposits as a security against their credit limit, banks will approve their credit card applications. Banks will offer a credit card which carries a card limit which is usually 80% of the fixed deposit amount. The higher the fixed deposit that is made, the higher will be the credit limit.

Someone who already has a credit card in the family, can apply for an add-on card for the homemaker. But the primary cardholder should have a good credit score and shouldn’t have any history of defaulting on credit card payments, in order to qualify for an add-on card. The primary cardholder will be held responsible even if one credit card payment of the add-on card is missed. This will affect the primary cardholders possibility of getting new credit in the future. A housewife having a credit card helps her build a credit history for herself. In addition to that, she would be able to make her daily purchases and earn reward points which will add to the total savings that are being made. On the lookout for the perfect credit card? Check the best deals here.

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