Your HDFC Bank personal loan interest is dependent on various factors like your credit score, monthly income, current employment, and existing debts and liabilities. The process of determining your interest rate is automated and pretty much fixed. 

Though there is not much room for negotiation, you can offer some leverage and request the bank to reduce the interest rate. Some factors that can help you get a lower interest rate are: 

1. Going for a secured personal loan – Personal loans are unsecured loans and that is why the interest rate is pretty high. If you chose to produce some kind of collateral, like bank FD, you have a chance of availing a lower interest rate

2. Adding a co-applicant to your application – You could add an earning member of your family as a co-applicant on the personal loan, and their income, added to yours, can get you a better interest rate. Since there are two incomes, the risk ratio is reduced significantly for the lender. 

3. Improving your credit score before applying for the loan – Credit score is an important criteria determining your personal loan amount and the interest rate. A credit score of 700 and above is considered ideal to get a personal loan. But if your credit score is lower than that, you will be given a higher interest rate. So you can take some simple steps to improve your credit score – like, paying off some long outstanding debts and credit card bills, reducing your credit utilization ratio on credit cards, refrain from applying for too many credits at the same time, and so on. 

HDFC Personal Loans are the most sought after in the market as they offer one of the best interest rates in the market. Applicants should pay attention to the eligibility criteria and make an effort to improve their credit score and other factors to get the best rates.