Yes, HDFC Bank offers personal loans for business owners and other self-employed individuals. 

  • Business owners can get a personal loan from HDFC Bank of up to Rs.40 lakhs. 
  • Personal loan interest rates start from 10.25%
  • Get a repayment tenure of 12-60 months for a comfortable repayment
  • No restriction on the end use of the personal loan amount. 

Some purposes that our personal loan customers utilize the funds for are – 

  • To pay for your own or a family member's wedding expenditures
  • to fund your home improvement projects
  • to take a fantasy trip
  • to put money towards your children's education
  • to settle any outstanding debts
  • to receive the most up-to-date devices
  • To cover any medical costs that aren't covered by insurance

How to apply for a personal loan from HDFC Bank? 

Business owners and self-employed professionals can apply for an HDFC Bank personal loan through NetBanking or on the official HDFC Bank webpage. You can also walk into the nearest branch and apply. 

Read more about HDFC Bank Personal Loans on the Creditmantri website. 

What is the eligibility requirement to apply for HDFC Bank Personal Loans for business owners? 

  • You need to meet the minimum income requirement
  • Have to produce document proof for a stable income
  • Your business should have completed a certain number of years since the establishment

How soon can I receive funds through HDFC Bank personal loans? 

If you are an HDFC Bank customer, your pre-approved personal loan can be approved in as little as 10 seconds. Non-HDFC Bank customers can get their personal loans in less than 48 hours.