The answer to this question is yes and no. First let us understand the yes part.

Yes, it is possible to pay a personal loan EMI through credit card. This comes in handy, especially when you’re running low on funds to pay your EMI on time. You can use your credit card to pay your personal loan EMI and avoid defaulting. 

However, we do not recommend you make it a habit to pay your personal loan EMI through a credit card. This is because when you use a credit card, you are actually using the bank's money to pay off the bank's borrowed money. 

This borrowed money you take from your credit card, which you need to pay on a scheduled time, is a type of loan. So isn't a credit card also a type of loan? Some may say this is not a problem, which is true in a way. But it can be a problem when you fail to pay back the credit card bill. Because when you default on that, the chances of incurring a late payment fee is higher. 

Now note that when you default on a credit card bill the late payment fee that will be charged can be higher than that of your actual EMI for which you have taken all this risk for. So we don’t see a point in increasing the financial burden.

Avail a personal loan, only if you have the repayment capacity. It is advisable not to become a victim of default as it is not good for your creditworthiness.

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