Most insurers would cover it, but it’s always a good idea to check the prospectus of your plan to see if this coverage is included. This coverage is available in the Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak laws, which were introduced in 2020. 

Covid-19 has derailed the entire medical infrastructure of our country. It has caused an unprecedented crisis resulting in millions of sick people and death likewise. 

So, what all does my Corona Insurance cover? Does it cover Home Care, Cashless & Reimbursement facilities?

There are basically two types of Corona Policies in the market; Corona Kavach & Corona Rakshak. 

Corona Kavach Policy is a regular health insurance package with a single premium that covers COVID-19 medical costs. It is an indemnity-based health care scheme that available for both individuals and families at a low cost. This policy will protect you, your dependent children, your parents, and your parents-in-law. The scheme, which is available from both private and general insurers, covers AYUSH medication costs, homecare treatment costs, pre-hospitalization costs, post-hospitalization costs, and road ambulance costs. 

Corona Rakshak Coverage is a regular health insurance package that is specifically intended to cover COVID-19 medical costs. This is not the same as the Corona Kavach Scheme; it is a risk-based health insurance policy that pays the insured a lump sum benefit equal to 100% of the sum insured if he or she is found to be COVID-19 positive. This money can then be used towards all of the Covid-19-related treatments and costs.


Corona treatments are costing lakhs and many are unable to afford such high costs. These insurance policies aim at mitigating the overall burden on the patient and their family by covering most expenses related to Covid-19 treatment.