The Corona Kavach policy comes with a minimal waiting period of 15 days. 

The Corona pandemic is now a year old and insurance companies have been quick to include coverage for the Covid-19 pandemic in their health insurance policies. 

However, there were apprehensions about the waiting period. Most health insurance policies have waiting periods of 1 year or 2 years on certain illnesses. 

When the Corona pandemic was covered under health insurance, they ensured that this particular illness has a very short waiting period. So, insurers brought in a waiting period of just 15 days to avail the benefits under your medical insurance for Corona related treatments. 

Types of Corona Healthcare Policies

Corona Policies are basically of two types: Corona Kavach and Corona Rakshak.

Corona Kavach Policy

It’s a standard health care plan that covers COVID-19 treatment bills with a single premium. It is a low-cost indemnity-based healthcare plan that is open to both individuals and families. This policy would include you, your spouse, your children under the age of 18, your parents, and your in-laws. 

The plan, which is offered by both private and general insurers, covers AYUSH medicine, homecare treatment, pre-hospitalization, post-hospitalization, and road emergency expenses. The best part about the policy is that it has a 15-day waiting period, which means you can start using the policy benefits right away. You can also pay an additional premium to add the daily cash benefit rider. 

Corona Rakshak Coverage

It’s a standard health insurance plan designed to cover COVID-19 medical expenses. This is not the same as the Corona Kavach Scheme; it is a risk-based health insurance policy that gives the insured a lump sum payout equal to 100% of the sum insured if the insured is found to be COVID-19 positive. This money can then be applied to all Covid-19-related treatments and expenses.