Boosting your credit score depends on how low your credit score is and if you have any debt to pay off. Having a lot of bills due and being in debt of a huge amount will not increase your credit score in 30 days. It takes time to pay off dues and clear your debts. And it will take a while to get your credit report updated, following your credit score update. But there are a few tips that can help you to speed up the process of getting your credit score back on track.

  • Work on paying off your debts and dues - Your unpaid dues or balances are in the way of your credit score increasing. Your credit score will show improvement, as you start paying off your debts.
  • Get extra credit limit - When you have more credit at your disposal, and if you manage to keep your credit utilization ratio low, this will raise your credit score in a positive way.
  • Discrepancies in your credit report - Having errors in your credit report rectified will raise your credit score.
  • Pay your EMIs regularly - Making your bill payments and other EMI payments regularly will gradually improve your credit score.

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