Tata Capital has two EMI plans for you to repay your home loan comfortably.

Standard EMI Plan

Step-Up Flexi EMI Plan

  1. The Standard EMI Plan allows you to pay the principal amount as well as the interest on a continuous basis for the duration of your home loan. 
  2. The EMI amount remains the same throughout the term of the loan.
  3. If you have a steady income, the Standard EMI Plan is excellent.
  1. The Step Up Flexi EMI Plan gives you a lot of options. 
  2. This repayment option allows you to pay lesser EMIs at first and then higher EMIs when your income grows.
  3. More number of applicants are eligible for a home loan under this scheme. 
  4. When you can afford it, pay more.
  5. Supports the efficient management of cash flow.
  6. If you expect your income to rise at regular periods, the Step Up Flexi EMI Plan is ideal for you. 

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Points to remember: 

  • The maximum repayment tenure available for Tata Capital Home Loans is 30 years
  • You can pay the EMIs through Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) or through the ECS option

Use the Tata Capital Home Loan EMI Calculator to find the perfect EMI for you.