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When checking eligibility for any loan application, Syndicate Bank checks the applicant’s complete credit report. With a credit report, the bank gets an insight into all past loans and the borrower’s repayment track record on loans and credit cards.

To buy a house, most individuals require home loans. For home loans, lenders first check an applicant’s credit score. Ideal credit scores for home loans must be 750 or above.

A credit score of 637 may not be preferred by lenders while buying a car through a loan. While it may be possible to get a car loan with a 600+ credit score, the interest rates and other loan terms may not be favourable for you. A score above 700 is generally good and a score above 750 is favourable. 

Paying on time alone is not enough; you need to pay attention to your credit utilization ratio. 

Missing credit card payments affect your credit score. By how much your credit score will be impacted depends on how long the bill is overdue.

It will take anywhere between 4 to 6 months to improve your credit score to 700, depending on where your current score is. 

Cashbean loans do not take your credit history into account and hence your CIBIL™ Score will not be affected when you apply for a loan with them. 

Fixing your credit is a long term process. This doesn’t happen overnight. A good credit score necessitates disciplined credit management. Although you won't be able to raise your credit score overnight, taking these steps would have a huge effect.

If your credit score is less than 650, it could be difficult to get a good home loan with the best interest rates. It is time to start taking some serious measures to fix your credit so that you can avail the best home loans in the market. 

Your credit score is made of many variables. Debt repayment can lower your credit score if it alters your credit mix, credit usage, or average account age.

650 is not a ‘Great' credit score, but it is a ‘Fair' score. It can get you a business loan if you are able to submit substantial documentary proof to support your repayment capacity. 

There are different credit score levels as categorised by various credit rating agencies. These indicate a borrower’s credit behaviour and pattern. Here are the different levels that are used for credit scores

You can check your credit report for free on the official CIBIL™ website or any other credit bureaus. These credit agencies offer free reports that can be viewed in detail once per year. For additional access, you may need to pay some fees to the credit agency

A credit score is very important in getting a loan or credit at favourable terms. If you have a poor credit score at present and wish to improve it by at least 100 points within a short duration, here are some tips that you can use

No, hackers cannot improve your credit score. If you use a hacker service to improve your credit score, it can have significant negative impacts including identity theft and possible legal action in some cases.

A good credit score is important to avail of loans and credit at favourable terms. Improving your credit score can take time and there is no easy way to improve your credit score overnight. Some credit users are successful in improving their credit score by 100 points within a month.

To buy a new car from a car dealership, applicants need to have a credit score of at least 700 or above. Today, many dealerships offer cars through loans at low-interest rates. However, to avail of these offers, applicants need to have a good credit score.

A credit score of 637 is generally considered fair since it falls within the range of 580-669 as per the categories set by various credit rating agencies. However, with this score, borrowers may find it difficult to get loans at favourable terms. An ideal score for loans on favourable terms and lower interest rates is 700+. 

If your credit report has negative items, then most can go off after the completion of seven years from the date of the first reported issue. Your credit report is a document that provides information on all your credit and loan accounts, repayment history, credit behaviour, etc.

You can easily reach an 800 credit score by managing your credit prudently. You don’t need to be ultra-rich to reach this score. Here are some simple tips if you want to cross the 800-mark on your credit score: 

The credit score is a variable. From the time of your first credit, it slowly builds up based on your credit activity. It has been found that your credit score peaks when you are between the ages of 50 and 60. 

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