It is possible to remove unpaid collection from a credit report. There are three ways you can achieve this. 

Write a dispute letter to challenge the collection

If you find any error which you can prove is wrong then you can raise a dispute with all the required documents supporting your claim and challenge the collection. The best way to dispute a collection on your credit report is with help from an experienced credit repair company like CreditMantri.

Write a goodwill letter requesting resolution

A goodwill letter, starting from explaining the problem and your relationship with the bank can help you get the collection account removed from your credit report. Most lenders agree for a resolution if you're willing to pay a one-time settlement. 

Seek help from best professionals like CreditMantri

However, if you require a professional touch to your problems then you can approach CreditMantri. With a professionally experienced team, CreditMantri can help you with any issues you’re facing on your credit reports.  

Collection accounts have a negative impact on your credit score, hindering you in getting a loan, credit card or even some jobs. It's best to consider resolving the issue pragmatically and remove them with possible actions.

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