Restructuring a mortgage is the process of changing the terms and conditions of an ongoing home mortgage loan, to make the EMIs more affordable to the borrower. To restructure a mortgage you can opt any method from the two ways listed below. Choose whichever is convenient and less time consuming.

  1. You can login to the bank’s website and find the link to fill the application form online. Submit your application with the relevant documents and other details. You can check for the restructuring application form link from your respective bank’s website.
  2. Or you can just walk in your home branch and meet the loan officer requesting him/her to guide you through the restructuring process and brief you on all the required documents.

Note that when you login, it must be done through your loan account number or credit card number and an OTP will be generated and sent to your registered mobile number. In case if you have changed your number, then have to first send in a written request via mail or submit it in person to the bank requesting for a change in mobile number at the nearest branch, and then continue with the updated number for further processing.