Credit score has taken a non-negotiable position in the world of credit.  There can't be much possibility of availing credit on competitive interest rates and favorable terms with bad credit scores. In India, the 4 credit bureaus that issue credit reports are CIBIL™, Equifax, Experian, and CRIF High Mark. Credit scores are represented on a numerical scale of 300-900. The higher the score, the better, as it is an indicator of your creditworthiness.   

However, you might have committed certain mistakes earlier which would have affected your credit score.  One thing that is good about credit score is that it can be repaired or improved. It does take time to build up your credit score, but you must take heart in knowing that it is not impossible.   

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Credit Repair is a process by which an improvement in the credit scores is brought about. It may be done on your own or through a professional help of a qualified organization/person. Now you might be wondering if credit repair will cost a lot or is it very difficult?  

Not at all. Now, you can repair your credit health with CreditMantri with just Rs. 999 +GST per account. We analyze why you have a low score and identify what is impacting it. We contact the bank/lender on your behalf to get the best terms for a clean closure. We'll do all the follow ups with the bureau and ensure all your issues are resolved.

So, if you’re worried about your poor credit scores and want to take action, just reach out to CreditMantri for professional and pocket-friendly credit repair services. 

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