HDFC Credit Card cash withdrawal also known as cash advance is one of the features available on HDFC Credit Cards. This service allows credit card users to use their cards to withdraw cash from an ATM.

What is HDFC Credit Card Cash Advance Feature?

Credit card cash advance is used for the cash withdrawal which is available on credit cards. Unlike regular credit card transactions, the cash advance feature allows you to withdraw liquid cash from the credit card and pay it later, hence the name cash advance.

With regards to HDFC cash advance, just like most other banks, HDFC offers cash withdrawal feature on most of its credit cards. While the amount of cash you can withdraw from each type of the card and finance charges may vary, the rest of the components like the advance fee, credit type, etc., remain the same across the cards.

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HDFC Credit Card Cash Limit

Credit card cash limit is nothing but the amount of cash you are allowed to withdraw using a credit card. Typically denoted in percentage, the cash limit is a portion of the total credit limit on a credit card but not an addition to the limit. 

For instance, if your credit card’s total credit limit is Rs.2 Lakhs, the cash limit would typically be 20% to 40% of it. If the cash limit is 20%, you can use up to Rs.40,000 as liquid cash from your credit card. The remaining Rs.1,60,000 should be spent for card transactions only.

HDFC typically offers a cash advance limit of 40% on most of its credit cards except for corporate credit cards which have a cash withdrawal limit of 30% under individual liability and 40% under corporate liability.

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