As you would know, you can use your credit card to withdraw money from an ATM. But, the catch here is that the cash withdrawal feature comes with a fee. A transaction fee or a cash advance fee is charged every time you use a credit card to withdraw money. This amount is added to the bill in the next statement.

HDFC charges a cash advance fee of 2.5% of the withdrawn amount or Rs.500, whichever is higher. For instance, if you have withdrawn Rs.30,000 from your HDFC credit card account, you will be levied a cash advance fee of Rs.750. On the other hand, if you have withdrawn Rs.5,000 you will be charged Rs.500 as the cash advance fee. 

The cash advance fee is subject to change at the discretion of the bank. Besides the cash withdrawal fees, you also have to pay interest on the cash withdrawn.

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Interest Charges on HDFC Credit Card Cash Withdrawal

Cash withdrawals using credit cards do attract interest charges just like the regular payments made using the card. Finance charge or interest will be levied at a monthly percentage rate from the date of withdrawal till the amount is paid back in full. Each HDFC credit card has a different rate of interest ranging from 1.99% to 3.49% per month. 

You can check the terms and conditions of your HDFC Credit Card to find out the interest rate specific to your card. For your convenience, we have listed finance charges on a few HDFC Credit Card variants.

HDFC Credit Card Variant

Finance Charge or Interest Rate

Monthly rate

Annual rate

JetPrivilege Diners Club, JetPrivilege Diners Black and JetPrivilege Infinia Credit Cards



Jet World, Jet Signature, Regalia, Business Regalia, Doctors Regalia, Regalia First/Business Regalia First and other cards



In case of default

3.5% (Max. interest rate)


The interest rates are, however, subject to change depending on the spending on the card, payback and card utilization patterns.

One important thing to know about HDFC cash advances is that there is no interest free period. Interest will be charged from the date of withdrawal till the payment is made in full. The payable interests are added to the cardholder’s account till the amount is paid back in full.

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HDFC Cash Withdrawal Fees and Charges

Description of Charges

HDFC Credit Card Cash Advance

Interest Free Period


Cash advance fee

2.5% of cash withdrawn or Rs.500 (whichever is higher)

Minimum repayment amount

5% on the outstanding or minimum Rs.200

Cash advance limit

40% of credit limit

Finance charges (on revolving credit)

1.99% - 3.5% per month or 23.88% - 42% p.a.