Interest Rates

Starts at 6.75% for Salaried Individuals

Starts at 8.5% for Self-employed Individuals

Bajaj Finance Home Loan Amount

Up to Rs.3.5 crores for salaried individuals

Up to Rs.5 crores for self-employed individuals

Repayment Tenure 

Maximum of up to 30 years

Age Eligibility

Up to 62 years for salaried individuals

Up to 70 years for self-employed individuals


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Bajaj Finance offers a variety of home loan products to suit the demands of different types of customers. For many clients looking for the best loan packages, Bajaj Finance has been a popular choice. It is one of the major non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) that provides home loans with unique features that are tailored to the needs of different customers.

Benefits of getting a home loan with Bajaj Finserv

Home loans from Bajaj Finserv are available to both salaried and self-employed people. It has one of the most competitive interest rates on the market. It also has a number of other advantages, such as inexpensive processing fees, minimal paperwork, and a flexible repayment period.

Bajaj Finance Home Loan Rate Of Rs.25 Lakh For 15 Years

If your credit score is great and you meet all the eligibility criteria for Bajaj Finance Home Loan, your interest rate might be fixed at 6.75%. So the interest will be something like this

Loan Amount

Repayment Tenure

Monthly EMI

Rs. 25 Lakhs

15 years


Note: You can use the Home Loan EMI Calculator to find out the EMI amount for varying loan amounts and different loan tenures. This helps you to determine the EMI amount as per the loan amount you require. This will help you discuss the available options with the lender.