Both land and gold are good investments. However, choosing the one that is right for you needs a careful analysis of both the investments. 

Land: To purchase a land, one requires a huge amount. It can also be bought on a loan, but when it comes to investment, paying interest on the loan will nullify the profit. Moreover, the location of the land is an important factor which determines the land value in the future. A land is an appreciating asset, hence investing in a land will be hugely profitable in the long run. 

Gold: it can be bought even with a small amount. Gold investment should be on your portfolio as it is an important metal that is widely used in functions and events. It is almost an indispensable thing in the Indian society. However, for gaining profit through huge investment in gold may not generate a handsome result. The reason could be the prices of gold can be volatile and it could also depreciate any time. Moreover, when gold is resold, you may not get a good price. 

Verdict: A land investment is ideal if you have huge amount of money and it is an appreciating asset. A gold is an ideal investment for small amount and the value of the metal depends on the market condition.