It is a common practice that while applying for a credit card that you need to check your credit score and know if you are eligible for the chard of your choice.

But this article is not about what you should do before applying for a credit card but what NOT to do so that your credit card application is not rejected.

1.       Do not let your credit score slip

This is the first step that any credit seeker should always remember. Your credit score is very important because it is like a report card on how well you manage your credit and finances. If your credit score drops right before you apply for a credit card then it means that there is some problem like missed payment, too many credit checks etc. in which case your application will be rejected.

2.       Do not have too much debt

If you have applied for a lot of debt at the same time and your debt to income ratio i.e. the available disposable income to the debt you must pay each month is more than your credit card application will be rejected.

3.       Do not apply for a lot of loans or credit cards in a short time

Many people without knowing what loan or credit card they are eligible for will apply at multiple banks or NBFCs to try their luck. What they don’t realize is that for each of these applications, the bank will be checking your credit report which will contain details of these credit checks by each bank and this will show that you are shopping for credit and project to the card issuer that you are not stable financially.

4.       Do not use too much credit

When you use too much credit like when you max out your credit card, it shows that you do not have a grip on your finances, that you are a risk and could miss any payment at any time especially if you get any financial emergency and utilize your excess cash.

5.       Do not co-sign a loan without understanding repercussions

When you co-sign a loan with a person who has low credit score, it means you are taking a loan with a person who has past issues of creditworthiness. If a person has a lot of debt and hasn’t paid the debt on time. Due to this you will be considered a risk because if your coborrower does not pay back the money you will be responsible for it.

6.       Do not make mistakes with documents to be submitted

Most cases where credit cards are rejected is due to improper documents. You need to submit proper salary slips, PAN cards, Aadhar card, etc. The details on it need to match what you provide to the bank. If there is any discrepancy the banks will reject your credit card application.


Credit cards do have a lot of benefits and provide great privileges to the card holder. If you do want to get a credit card that you like, make sure you follow the above instructions