Credit cards are so convenient for payments for anyone. While individuals look for points and other such benefits from owning a credit card, while the requirements of a business card are different.  A business establishment may have frequent travel and entertaining requirements. Credit cards may also be given to company employees and be paid by the business. The uses may be numerous, but travel and stay are one of the major uses of a credit card for businesses

When looking for a credit card for business travel, there are certain points that one should consider.  After all, you would want a card with maximum benefits. Let us look at some of the cards depending upon your usage. 

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When your business involves a lot of travel: If you have your employees traveling on business very frequently, your ideal bet should be co-branded credit cards. There are several benefits on an airline co-branded credit card like 

  • Earning  flying miles on an airline 

  • Ability to convert other spends into flying miles or vice versa 

  • Certain cards like give you free tickets on the card issue and subsequent vouchers for booking. 

An added benefit on holding these co-branded credit cards are you might get upgrades and other benefits on personal travel too.  

Some co-branded credit cards such as the HDFC Jet platinum credit card provide 3X more JP miles for flight tickets and discounts for domestic travel through Jet airways and Jet Konnect.  

For Hotel stays: With business involves traveling, hotel stays would also be needed. If your need includes both, a co-branded credit card that gives benefits on hotel stays would be ideal.  Specific cards like the HDFC Diners Club Rewards Credit Card spoils you with a concierge that looks after all your travel bookings and allows you to concentrate on your work. This card partners with around 150+ airlines around the world. These co-branded credit cards also provide you lounge access at most of the airports, where you can relax before you catch a flight.  You could also look at a card co-branded online travel portal where you could book flights, hotels and packages as per your convenience.  

For Fuel expenses: When you have business requirements that involve a lot of travel on the roads, then a co-branded credit card with a fuel company works well. These cards not only waive off fuel surcharges but also give a certain percentage of the amount spent on fuel as cashback. In addition, these cards also offer extended rewards points on spending at the co-branded fuel outlets.  

Dining requirements: If your business requires entertaining your guests frequently at various restaurants, it might be good for you to select a card that provides most dining benefits either in the form of discounts, cash back or increased reward points on the spend.  

Whether it is a business card or a personal one, prompt repayments and judicious spending are extremely important. Do not let your focus on work distract you from these equally important tasks.