Spending becomes a joyful experience when you can gain from what you spend. To make that happen, credit cards could be the only option for you. Some of the popular banks in India offer cash back rewards which can be accumulated and later result in a lot of savings on your monthly bills.

If you were wondering what are the best credit cards that offer cash back rewards, your search ends here.

#1. HDFC Bank MoneyBack Credit Card

HDFC Bank MoneyBack card offers reward points which can be later converted to cashback points. The users can get 2 reward points for every spend of INR 150. Additionally, the benefit is double for online spends. Every 100 reward points is considered as INR 20. The cashback points can be used to pay part of your monthly bill and save your money. The reward points accumulated should be redeemed within two years and you must have minimum of 2500 reward points for redemption.

#2. Citibank Cashback Credit

Citibank helps you save handsomely on your monthly budget. You can get a cashback of 5% on movie ticket purchases, 5% on telephone bill payment, 5% on utility bill payments made online through Citibank Online Bill Pay and 0.5% cash back on all other spends. Citibank provides the most convenient redemption options as it is automated as statement credit. You can get the cashback in multiple of INR 500.

#3. Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card

This credit card presents you both cashback and reward points on what you spend. Apart from huge discounts and offers across shopping, dining, travel, the users can get up to 5% of cashback on purchases at supermarkets and department stores on every spend of INR 150. The minimum transaction amount should be INR 1000 to get cash back and you can get up to INR 150 of cash back per transaction. Besides, Uber offers up to 20% cash back when you use Standard Chartered Manhattan Platinum Credit Card to pay the bill.

#4. Kotak Mahindra Delight Platinum Credit Card

Designed specially to provide offers on eating out, Delight Platinum credit card gives up to 10% of cashback on dining and booking movie tickets. On spending minimum of INR 1000 using this credit on other spending, the users can get up to 10% of cashback. With lot of other offers and discounts, this credit card can save you a lot of money.

#5. Axis Bank My Choice Credit Card

As the name suggests, this credit card helps you customise your choice of spending from the gallery of images and use it accordingly. The users can get up to 5% of cashback from the category of dining, fuel, electronics, utility bills, travel and supermarkets. However, you can choose only two from the above category to get cash back.

While cashback offers are limited to certain cards, the user must be aware of his/her spending habits and make sure that it aligns with the features of the card.