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Should You Build Your Credit Or Pay Off Your Debt First?

Whenever you come across a bonus or any other lump sum payout, there comes the sweet dilemma. ‘Do I save it or pay off some debt?’. Both options are important and require some consideration before making a decision.

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Credit Restoration Strategies – A Guide To Repairing Your Credit

A Credit Score is a 3 digit number, derived from a person’s credit history. This number represents the creditworthiness of the person and is calculated based on information collected by credit bureaus from lending institutions. There are primarily 4 credit bureaus in India who are associated with different lending institutions. The credit score in India is marked between 300 – 900. Generally, a score of 700 – 750 is considered good.

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RBI Guidelines On Credit Information Report

The RBI recently cracked the whip on banks and NBFCs for allowing third party fintech companies access to the credit information of their customers. It shot out a letter, dated 16 September 2019, to banks and NBFCs, bringing them to notice of what appears to have been a prevalent practice of sharing consumer credit information from Credit Information Companies (CICs) directly to fintech firms.

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What should Businesses know about Credit Ratings?

Credit scores have gained a lot of popularity off late. These scores are assigned to individuals and it demonstrate their creditworthiness. A credit score shows the future lender the degree of risk that a lender has to take in lending to that particular individual. 

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How Different Types of Credit Can Boost Your Credit Score

A credit score is a statistical number that assesses an investor or consumer’s creditworthiness. It is based on the individual’s credit history. Today, lenders focus on credit scores to evaluate the probability of an individual repaying his or her debt obligations. A person's credit score could range from 300 to 900, and the higher the score, the more financially able a person is considered to be.

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What loans can I get with bad credit?

While good credit score can make you eligible for multiple loan and credit card offers, bad credit can have a negative impact which may prevent you from getting all these credits. However, getting a loan with bad credit is possible if you know where you look for it.

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Unsecured Personal Loans For Bad Credit

A personal loan is an unsecured loan that is quite popular among the borrowers. While the personal loans are availed for varied purposes, the eligibility criteria to get the personal loan generally remain the same.

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The Best Loans for Bad Credit

What is considered a bad credit? Who will have bad credit? Will I get approved for a loan if I have bad credit? These are the questions people generally ask when they find their credit score has dipped. If your repayments go for a toss, you might find a reduction in your score.

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Quick Ways to Improve Your Credit Score

Credit score, a three-digit numerical, is an important factor that lenders check when you apply for a loan or credit card. The eligibility is determined based on how much credit score you have obtained currently with your past credit activities.

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Loans For Very Bad Credit History

Obtaining a loan with very bad credit history would seem a herculean task as the banks would want to be ensured of 100% repayment. When you fail to establish your repayment ability, what they look for is a collateral out of which they can retrieve the loan amount.

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Can I Get a Business Loan with Bad Credit Score?

Having a strong business concept and the passion to drive this business plan into reality sets the foundation to run a successful business. Another factor that is as important to run a business is money. With many lending institutions offering a lot of credit options, it is not difficult to get a business loan. But the difficulty to get any loan approved by the lender is when you have a bad credit score.

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The Truth About No Credit Check Loans

Credit score is no longer that unknown number which individuals are not aware about. These scores have gained a lot of popularity in the recent past, with more and more number of financial literate checking their credit score. However, we might have many more who are yet to realize the importance or know what the credit score stands for.

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How To Boost Your Credit Score Faster Before Applying For A Home Loan

A home is one of the costliest assets that an individual owns during his/ her lifetime. Given the rate at which real estate prices have increased in the recent past, it is no more possible for commoners to purchase a home out of their own funds. Hence the need for a home loan.

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Does Applying for Loans Affect Your Credit Score?

A credit score has no longer remained a number which is important only from the perspective of lenders. As quick access to credit assumes more and more significance, everyone seems to be concerned about maintaining a good credit score and being creditworthy at all times.

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How to Rebuild Credit & How Long It Will Take

Good credit can make many of your life's financial situations easier and pocket-friendly. For example, with good credit, you can get approved for a mortgage or auto loan, and possibly qualify for the best available interest rates and terms. A good credit score can also affect how much you pay for insurance, and whether a utility company asks for little or no deposit before starting a service for you.

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How Credit History Impacts Your Credit Scores?

Building good credit score cannot happen at the flick of the time. Establishing a pattern of responsible borrowing habits takes time and a lot of patience. All that patience can pay off though, because the age of your credit history, or how long you’ve been using credit, generally accounts for approximately 15 percent of your credit score.

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How Is Your Credit Score Linked To Your Loan?

There are many aspects on which your ability to get loan is affected. The main aspect is your credit score, along with the information on your credit report which will determine whether you’ll be able to get a loan or not and also the rate you will pay.

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How Does Availing A Car Loan Affect Your Credit Score?

A car is not only a matter of convenience in our jam-packed towns or cities, it is quite often considered a status symbol too. Also given the state of public transport especially the last mile connectivity issues, owning a car seems much like a necessity even though you may detest using it every day for your commute.

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What is Credit Monitoring?

Credit is essential to aid many activities in life, as savings might not be enough to meet each and every need. Through credit, you can not only buy bigger assets like a home or vehicle but easily pay in installments without hurting your day to day finances.

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Bad Credit Secured Loans

Everyone goes through tough situations at some point in life. Having a bad credit score is one such situation that might make it difficult for you to get a credit through formal lending institutions. The lenders take a deep look at your credit history and take a decision whether to lend to you or not. Considering the risk involved in lending, your credit profile may not qualify for an unsecured loan. However, the chances are not completely ruled out.

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7 Best Loans for Individuals with Bad Credit Score

Credit Score has become a part and parcel of the credit life of any individual. And by credit score, we mean a good credit score that portrays that you are a creditworthy borrower to a lender. However, it is possible that we all commit mistakes while handling credit and as a result, might have ended with a bad credit score.

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