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Why Are Salaried Employees More Likely To Qualify For Instant Personal Loans?

Personal loans have become one of the most useful sources of finance for people over the last few years. If you want to meet your planned and unplanned expenses, a personal loan can be a reliable source of funds. Lenders approve personal loans based on various factors.

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Looking To Repay A Loan? Here Are Some Facts Worth Considering First

Banks & NBFCs go all out to woo potential borrowers. They advertise their interest rates, fees, and other charges to attract borrowers to their loan offerings. Borrowers too are constantly looking to avail credit for a number of reasons. Personal loans, credit cards, home loans, car loans, education loans, and many other loan products are available to borrowers to meet their financial needs.

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How To Sign Up With EarlySalary In 100 Seconds Or Less?

EarlySalary is a mobile-based application that acts as a salary advance for its users. It is an online lender that caters to the immediate financial needs of salaried people. It offers loans for all purposes, be it last-minute rent payments, utility bills, shopping, traveling, or medical emergencies.

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What is an Early Salary Personal Loan? How to Avail it?

Life is full of uncertainties and thus a need for money is something that can be needed by an individual at any point in time. A personal loan is the best financing option one can avail of at this time as the application process is fast and the disbursals are very quick. An Early Salary personal loan is based on your salary as the name suggests and will be offered to individuals as per their needs and the repayment capacities.

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Top Reasons for Rejection of Personal Loan

A personal loan is easy to apply for but does not guarantee approval before the scrutiny of the lender. After the application process by the customer, the lender has a detailed check on the application before he approves the loan.

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10 Basic Rules to get the best deal for Personal Loans

Personal Loans are among the most popular loans availed by people. A major reason for their popularity is that lenders do not limit or restrict the end-use of funds provided with such loans, as is the case with other loans

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Build Your Credit Score With A Personal Loan

A Personal Loan is a loan in which the borrower agrees to repay the loan, usually over a fixed term, such as 1 to 5 years. It offers flexible repayment terms, allowing you to repay the loan as you can, and to manage your finances more effectively.

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Difference Between Personal Loan And Loan Against PPF Account

Though personal loans are processed quickly, a loan against your PPF account gives you a lower rate of interest. During an emergency, which one will serve you better? Read on to learn the differences between personal loan and a loan against your PPF account.

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Personal Loan Using Aadhaar Card; Step-By-Step Guide On How To Get A Personal Loan Using Your Aadhaar Card

A Personal Loan is an unsecured loan. It is issued primarily based on your credit score, income, age and other criteria. These days, most banks and NBFCs offer instant personal loans through their website or mobile app.

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The Ultimate Borrower’s Checklist To Get The Best Personal Loan

A personal loan is the easiest loan to get and can also be the trickiest one. If you are not careful, you might end up with hefty interest and other charges. Going through this simple checklist will help you make an informed decision during your ‘personal loan’ shopping.

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Will My Low Credit Score Be a Hurdle for My Personal Loan?

Neha Agarwal wants to take a personal loan to renovate her home. But she is worried that her low credit score will lead to her personal loan application getting rejected. Is Neha right to worry about her credit score? What can she do to overcome this hurdle?

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Latest Personal Loan Interest Rates for 2021 – Top 10 Banks Offering Low Interest Rates

Loans have become an inevitable part of our lives. Be it for professional, business or personal reasons, there is the constant need for meeting financial exigencies which makes loans such an invaluable necessity.

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Guide To Refinancing a Personal Loan

No one can predict when an emergency would strike. Often, an emergency results in a lot of financial pressure on an individual’s cash flows. To get immediate cash during an emergency, people opt for a personal loan from banks, NBFCs and digital lenders.

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All That You Need To Know About Personal Loans On Credit Card

Have you ever found yourself in a financial dilemma where you needed money immediately but no means to get that? There is one relatively-less-popular solution that you can fall back on in such cases - you can take a personal loan on your credit card to meet emergency cash needs. 

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Top-up on a Personal Loan - Key Points to Consider

A personal loan comes with many benefits and can prove to be a stress-relief in case of financial emergencies. If you have already sourced one and are now faced with a sudden large expense need like a marriage, you have two options:

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Compound Interest Waiver Scheme: Understand The Benefits & Check If You’re Eligible For The Cashback

In a massive relief to individual and MSME borrowers, the Union Government has announced a waiver of the compound interest incurred by loans during the moratorium period from March to August.

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Need A Personal Loan With A Low Credit Score? Know-how Now!

Personal loan lenders gauge an individual’s ability of loan repayment by verifying his or her credit score. Credit score acts as a summary for one’s credit history, total credit borrowed, how the repayment was made, and several other factors.

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Personal Loan Vs. Business Loan: Which Is The Right Choice For You?

A business requires loans for different purposes such as managing working capital needs, expansion and infrastructure expenditure, investment in systems and equipment, etc. These requirements could mean large amounts of money and the business must ensure that the cost of capital is affordable and practical.

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Which Is the Best Way To Get Personal Loan Online?

Personal loans come in the form of short- or medium-term loans that are mostly unsecured since they do not require any security at the time of disbursal. They are usually dispersed within a few hours or sometimes a few days and require minimal paperwork

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Updated List of Personal Loan Interest Rates for 2020

Personal loans are one of the easiest ways to raise cash for emergencies and other miscellaneous expenses. It's readily available to both salaried and self-employed individuals. In India, almost all commercial banks, NBFCs (Non-Banking Financial Corporations), and even digital lenders offer personal loans.

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Top 5 Personal Loans for Pensioners in India

The need for emergency financial assistance can arise at any time – irrespective of whether you are in your 30s or 60s.

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