Everyone knows the value of an iPhone. No matter how effective or user-friendly an Android phone may be, the iOS of an Apple is something entirely different. With the recent launch of the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus it is time to upgrade your old phone.

But wait, is the steep prince of the Apple holding you back? Is the lack of funds, or rather, lack of a credit card holding you back? Well, good news, there is no need to dip into your savings to be the proud owner of the recent iPhone 7!

Buy iPhone 7—Without A Credit Card!

Why worry, when you can get your mobile purchase financed? Be smart about the purchase of your smartphone, and research various options for buying the phone in easy EMIs, rather than saving up for months and forgoing of that money in one-go. You can instead opt to buy your dream phone in easy EMIS, even without a credit card.

Be sure to check out the interest rates of various options—you don’t want to shell out large amount of money towards interest rates, do you? Following are some ways to buy your desired mobile in easy EMIs even when you do not have a credit card.

Technology Platforms that convert your debit card purchase into EMIs:

With the advent of technology, there are several lending platforms that allow you to convert your debit card purchase into easy EMIs. Such companies provide a loan on your debit card, with nominal interest rates after assessing your creditworthiness. This is done by analyzing your digital footprint using various algorithms, big data and Artificial Intelligence. ZestMoney and Finomena are some platforms that enable you to buy electronic gadgets, mobile phones and other products in easy EMIs. All you need to do is shop on their website and buy your mobile phone at their partner outlets. your purchase will be converted into EMIs if you are considered creditworthy. You need to sign up and upload your bank statements and KYC documents for that purpose. Such platforms often have a quick approval process and various EMI options suited to your budget that enable you to gadgets, electronics, jewelry and even furniture on your debit card.

Consumer Durable Loans—Your Path to Buying Your Desired iPhone In Easy EMIs:

You can alternatively consider consumer durable loans, such as the one offered by reputed lenders like Bajaj Finserv. Again, you need to purchase your iPhone from a Bajaj Finserv partner outlet, and the in-store representative will guide you on the loan process. You can have your purchase converted into easy EMIs as per your budget. Approval is speedy, provided your documents are in place. Interest rates are nominal, and you can walk out of the store, a proud owner of iPhone 7 that very day!

So, go ahead and grab your favorite mobile phone today!