Remember how you kept track of your expenses during pre-credit card days? Writing down every expense, poring over your bank passbook to see how much you had withdrawn, waiting in line to get your passbook updated, and wondering how much you have left over in your account. Now all that information is just a click away on your computer with many banks offering online statement services that a give you a detailed picture of your credit card activity.

Once you are done with all your shopping, you might want to know how much you owe, or much you spent and what exactly you spent it on, or you might just want to plan your finances and want to know your financial situation. Now all this information is just a click away on your computer.

ICICI Bank enables its users to view their credit card statements easily online. There are three options to view your credit card statement online.

ICICI Bank Online – Credit Card Statement Online

This option enables you to view your current and previous credit card statements. Just access ICICI Bank Online and follow the steps mentioned below to login.

• Enter your Credit card details – your 16-digit Credit Card number

• Enter your Date of Birth

• Enter your Card Validity details

• Finally, click on 'Login'

This facility is provided by ICICI Bank only for informational purposes, so you will not be able to perform any kind of transactions through this login, like paying bills.

Through Internet Banking

If you intend to transact, then you need to access your ICICI Bank Credit Card online through Internet Banking. You need to obtain your Internet Banking User ID and Passwords if you don’t have one. You can do so by calling the 24-Hour ICICI Bank Phone Banking Numbers.

This option lets you to view your credit card statement and make any transactions like pay your bills etc. You just need to

• log in to your Internet Banking account

•  provide your valid credentials (User ID and Password)

•  view your statement online

• conduct any other credit card-related transactions.

ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement Email Request

You can also request for your credit card statement to be emailed to you. In order to place this request, you need to click on the ICICI Bank Credit Card Statement E-mail Request Service online, and provide the following credentials:

• Credit Card Number   

• From Date (for which statement is required)              

• To Date                           

• Contact Number along with the STD code    

• Mobile Number                      

• E-mail ID                     

All the above fields are mandatory and are required to be filled.

You can place this request if you would like to have a copy of your credit card statement only for the last 6 months through e-mail. The statement will be sent to your registered e-mail ID. It generally takes up to one working day in order for your request to be processed.

You can also call the ICICI Bank customer care for help with your credit card statement and other credit card queries.