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How does the banking finance sector help small businesses for festivals?

Festivals are the time of the year when businesses also grow exponentially. Manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers make use of this opportunity to bring more products with lots of offers.

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This new Android virus targets 18 Indian banks and can steal credit card CVV, PIN, and key details

Drinik has been in the news since 2016. Like any other virus, it has a new terrifying face now. Drinik is an old malware that steals your card information by luring you for an income tax refund.

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What Is My Credit Card CVV Number? Why Is It Important?

CVV number is a 3-digit code from the back of your credit card. It is used to verify your identity when you make a purchase online.

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What is an E-Mandate? How does it work?

A mandate is a standing instruction given by a customer to the bank to allow a specific amount to be debited from your account automatically. Here, automatically refers to the fact that no recurring permission is needed to be obtained by the bank from the customer.

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7 Crucial Factors to Consider while Purchasing your Dream Car

Purchasing a car is a significant milestone in our lives. A car gives us independence, freedom from congested public transport, and the comfort and convenience to travel with our family, whenever we want.

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Top 10 Non-Banking Financial Companies in India

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs)  is a financial institution that operates much like  banks but do not have full banking licence. NBFCs cannot provide certain banking services that banks offer.

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Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA)

The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA) was formerly known as the National Rural Employment Guarantee Act. This Act was notified on the 7th of September, 2005.  

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New PAN Rules -Check If You Know Them All

Permanent Account Number or PAN, as it is popularly called, is a very important document required for carrying out financial transactions.  Whether it is opening a bank account, depositing cash beyond a certain limit, applying for a credit card or doing any real estate transactions; all of these and many more situations mandatorily require you to quote your PAN. 

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Lifestyle Changes To Put Your Finances Back On Track

As much as we wish that money was not important, it is hard to deny that finances are extremely important in our life. If not used efficiently, lack of financial resources can put you in a bad spot. But of course, mistakes are made at times, but they are always corrigible. Let us see how simple lifestyle changes can put your finances back on track 

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Should One Pay Off Debt Before You Save For Retirement

Unlike in the case of Government jobs where pension is available to the employees at the time of retirement, people working in private companies do not have such benefits unless they plan for it on their own. With today’s scenario being where most people have some form of debt eating away at their salary not many can save money should these people first pay off their debt and then start saving or try to save simultaneously.

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What State Bank of India Has in Store for Defence Personnel

State Bank of India (SBI), the largest banking network in India, has launched a new financial product ‘Defence Salary Package’ for defence personnel under which they can get numerous benefits including a credit card.

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Millennials and Money

Millennials and MoneyMillennials will be shaping the shaping the 21st century, changing the way businesses function owing to the way they perceive things.Many millennials would remember those days when parents or grandparents would take leave or put permission in their respective offices because they must go to the bank for any transaction be it opening an account, withdrawing money etc. They would stand in long lines and fill up lengthy forms for getting any services

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Keeping your bank account secured

Keeping your bank account securedThere was a time when people were scared to get debit or credit cards or even use online payment methods. The fear of falling prey to fraudsters and the constant threat of hacking would have played on their minds. But things have changed with millennials more interested in online shopping usage of credit/debit cards and online payments have risen astronomically. With almost all banks providing mobile applications, the transfer of funds has become

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Banks to Facilitate Aadhaar Enrolment and Update Facility

Banks to Facilitate Aadhaar Enrolment and Update FacilityWhile there are lot of arguments going on about making Aadhaar card compulsory for various verification processes, it is now the most preferred option as it simplifies the procedure. Government has now asked all the banks including private sector lenders to provide Aadhaar enrolment and update facility to their customers within their branches. The accounts which are not updated by Dec 31 of 2017 with Aadhaa

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All You Need to Know About Cancelled Cheques

Digital transactions in recent years have transformed the entire banking sector. With the advent of net banking, credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets, the traditional manual bank work has declined.

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All You Need to Know About GST Online Registration

All You Need to Know About GST Online Registration‘'One Nation, One Tax'', Goods and Services Tax (GST) has unified the Indian market under one roof by subsuming multiple indirect taxes levied in each state across the country. It is now mandatory for every business to be registered under GST taxation.All existing Central Excise Service Taxes assesses need to migrate to GST by enrolling on the GST portal.Businesspersons having the turnover of more than 20 lakhs (1

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SBI Account Benefits for Non-Resident Indians - NRI

SBI Account Benefits for Non-Resident Indians(NRI)Non-Resident Indians who work, study and live abroad may find it difficult to secure their savings or exchange the currencies faster in times of need. State Bank of India offers a wide range of services exclusively for NRIs to make their financial transactions easier.State Bank of India, the largest bank in India, is present in 37 countries, serving the No

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ATM Withdrawals and Banking Services to Turn Expensive Under GST

ATM Withdrawals and Banking Services to Turn Expensive Under GSTNext time, before you step into an ATM to withdraw some money, you may have to tap into your memory to check whether you have crossed your free limits. Withdrawing money from ATMs have become costlier under the Goods and Services Tax(GST) regime as ATM transactions fall into the tax slab of 18%. Read on to know more about which of the financial services have been impacted by GST implementation.Financial Se

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Is Gold Investment a Good Idea in 2017

Is Gold Investment a Good Idea in 2017India's love for gold is well documented. The fact that India is one of the largest importers of gold comes as no surprise. Indians, particularly south Indians, have a particularly emotional bond with gold. It is also perceived as a popular investment tool—one of the major reasons why Indians buy gold, although tradition and culture also explain the allure of gold.How to invest in goldGold is a generally safe instrumen

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How to Link Aadhar Card to the Bank Account

Linking Aadhar Card to the Bank AccountAadhar Card has been made compulsory so that everyone benefits from the schemes implemented by the Government. To take it a step further, it is now mandatory to link your Aadhar Card to your Bank account to get subsidies and benefits directly from the government without having to go through several manual processes. This will also enable the Government to identify the needy.Have you not yet linked your Aadhar Card to your

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Best Investment Banks in India

Best Investment Banks in IndiaLet's start with the basics. What is an Investment Bank? An investment bank is basically a financial company that provides a range of services from investment, financial advisory, underwriting, research, trading, raising capital, issuance of shares and bonds, to recommendations and advisory on mergers and acquisitions. They are involved where large amount of money is involved.Who are the clients of Investment Banks?Typically, th

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