One of the most gratifying things is hearing from our team members about their experience at CreditMantri and how their team plays a role in making our customers credit healthy.  So we got in touch with Sandhya Srinivasan, who heads the training, quality and service team to share her experience at CreditMantri. 

“Both my teams work on the mantra - Don't sell the product, educate the customers instead to buy. My training team and I work on educating our customers how useful our offerings are to their specific credit needs. Whereas, my service team and I speak on behalf of the customer to our internal stakeholders, and share the best possible solution to the customer,” she said.

What’s A Usual Workday Like?

Sandhya’s day begins with a team meeting to discuss their priorities for the day, focusing primarily on any troubleshoot, any issues if highlighted. They also assess the target achievement against the plan for the week. She helps her team to work individually while monitoring them for any difficulties and thus be a part of the team.

She says the most interesting part of her role is its diversity. “Dealing with telecallers to customers, approaching each issue with detailed analysis, speaking to irate customers- all these are extremely rewarding when you get an appreciation from the customer and knowing that your work has helped them,” she added.

The Challenge

No work is simple. And no goals can be reached without struggles. “The team that I am associated with serves as an integral part to achieve customer gratification. Sometimes there are demands from customers which are sometimes not achievable and conveying this to the customer is a challenge. Such denials become a reason for the failure to achieve customer gratification,” she said.

But the team overcomes the challenges by being transparent. “Transparency is key. Let the customer know what is possible and how we are trying to help. If we share the limitations at the start, we would not have built the customer's expectation to an unjust request and hence achieve the required resolution for the customer. Also, inform the customer on all possible outcomes of his or her request,” she added.

What Makes Things Worthwhile After Struggle? 

“Success and achievements,” says Sandhya. When we talk about achievements, it's something so rewarding, so motivating and something you can always cherish about. 

After working for over a year in CreditMantri, Sandhya views her workspace as a place where people who share the same vision and mission join forces to achieve the same goal, that is customer satisfaction.  

“A feeling of accomplishment that comes with exceeding challenging goals is what motivates me. I am also highly motivated by seeing happy customers- customers who have appreciated the process and our commitment to help. Yes, customer satisfaction is the success. The more satisfied customers, the more lives that we touch.”

For Sandhya, the consistent improvement in the CSAT scores also shows the quality of work she brings in.

Sandhya is happy to be a part of CreditMantri and is all ready to take up new challenges every day and make the most out of it.

“The best part of working at CreditMantri is that individual opinions are reviewed and appreciated here. This is important for any employee to think and level up the work he or she brings to the table,” she said.