On 16th May 2019, we joined CreditMantri, a Fintech company which facilitates lending by combining data and technology, thereby making credit possible to all types of customers. Initially, Vaishnavi got there first and one by one we all got roped in (best decision ever). Due to different interests in different fields, we found ourselves in different departments. It seemed scary in the beginning but within a few days, these became our best interests. We would like to share our experience in CreditMantri.


  • Afreen, Ayush, Mahak and Lachi’s story:-

We joined CreditMantri to do our summer internship and we got assigned in the Telesales team, which is a sub-department of marketing. The type of work we do was newly started in the company where we were tasked to with converting potential customers. These are customers who have a bad credit score and CreditMantri offers a Credit Improvement Solution, to rectify their negative accounts and improve their score. Definitely, it requires a lot of convincing, but in the course of time, we have learned a great deal of patience and communication skills. The day we started our job, our superiors have always been patient and supportive. They taught us how to achieve the target on time and strive for more. They never treated us like we were just interns. We always felt like we are on the same team. In this internship, we learned the importance of teamwork. We help each other whenever it is required. We also learned to do the Pivot table in the excel sheet, understand the customer behaviour, how to answer customer queries etc.


The best part about this job apart from getting to learn so many things was the lunch break. We would quickly eat our lunch and sit down to play carrom and poke fun at each other. CreditMantri gave us an awesome month of our life.




  • Lakshitha and Vaishnavi’s story:-

Our internship was in the Operations department at CreditMantri. We were assigned in the KYC process, where a new Whatsapp channel was introduced. Our work required us to upload documents via WhatsApp, verification of documents and streamlining the process, that is basically Know Your Customer (KYC). We learned to manage Excel sheets, how to operate CRM. We validate and verify the customer sent documents and upload it on lenders’ websites. The work might seem too technical but our amazing supervisors made us understand the workflow very easily. They are more like friends to us. Age is just a number in our office. Only pure hard-work is appreciated here. We never expected we would find ourselves in such a cool office. During the lunch break, we meet our other friends and play and have fun together. We learned so many things at CreditMantri. Most of all, we learned to coordinate with one another. We like what we are doing here and we hope our work was of good use to them.


  • Isha’s story:-

My internship was as a content writer at CreditMantri. I was given topics and deadlines and accordingly I was expected to do my work. Content strategy is given importance here. I learned to experiment with my work in terms of creative freedom, learning new skills such as search engine optimization and its effects on traffic. It helped me explore a different interest hidden in me that is writing. I never thought I would find myself in such a position. Everybody initially warned me that internships are pretty hectic or they will be treated like a newbie and everyone will try to load you excess work. But honestly, it was nothing like that. I have got the best superiors who treat me like one among them.

They consider me as part of their team. They offered me new challenges and targets. I had always enjoyed reading but I never thought I’d be writing as a job one day. Writing from the web and writing for an average research paper is a lot more different. I learnt plenty of things during my experience. I hope my work has contributed to the growth of the company.

By- Isha Bafna