The festive season could not have got off to a better start for us at CreditMantri. We are both excited and inspired, and want to share with you that we have won three awards, in different categories, selected by a competent jury and respected organizations – a wonderful recognition of our achievements. Of course, it means nothing if it weren’t for the trust and satisfaction of our over 10 million customers - all thanks to you!  

CreditMantri uses data and technology to simplify credit decision making and facilitates financial growth for ALL – whether credit healthy, new to credit or credit challenged. Our mantra - “Credit Healthy toh Credit Wealthy” defines everything we do. Now, we are a thriving young company of almost 175 proud team members working hard to make sure our customers are credit healthy and wealthy!

We are a digital first company. Everyone, not just technology and data science teams think of how to make it easier, quicker for the user. Technology and Innovation has always been our strong suit – be it pioneering credit profiles using alternate data or co-creating credit products.

So when we won The Economic Times BFSI Innovation Tribe Award ’18, recognizing our entire business model and the CII-Connect 2018 award for Excellent Application of IT, it was a homecoming of sorts for us.  It is yet another testament of the trust our customers have placed in us with their data and choosing us to guide them on credit.

Similarly, when we won the TiECON ’18 “Growth Story of the Year” award, it was immensely satisfying because not only does it recognize the 4X growth we achieved last year, but also because we are we poised for something big.

Exciting, heady stuff. Our entire team is turbocharged by this and we’re working in earnest to bring our customers so much more.

Stay tuned!