5 million customers – a nice solid number to reach, a nice little milestone.


Though it seems like ages ago, it was only in September 2015 that we celebrated 100,000 customers and distributed green bands that read “I was here when we hit 100,000”, and we all wore those bands proudly for many weeks. And today, on International Women’s Day, we have achieved another milestone.

So what is a milestone?

A milestone is defined as a significant stage or event in the development of something. We did not set-out to achieve milestones at CreditMantri. Milestones are NOT goals. These are small, consistent achievements, which add up to something big and something that makes us feel proud as a team.


What did it take for us to pass this milestone?

For a start we acquired each of these customers one at a time – a truly remarkable achievement. But there are many more elements than that, it’s the numerous ‘little moments’ that got us here. It’s our individual and collective skill-sets, it is our collective capabilities, our drive as a team, working hard on a daily basis, the collective knowledge we have all gained along the way, our daily self-discipline, each of our desires to ‘put it over the top’, we practice on a daily basis, we sometimes get angry, we laugh, we also have a good time. It is our consistency of intention, our ‘no matter what’ attitude, and our keen desire to make CreditMantri relevant in India. To achieve something like this, we all must, at some level, love what we do here at CreditMantri. Every time something like this happens we all take personal pride, share a personal sense of achievement, a personal sense of fulfilment. Nothing, and no one, lasts forever. But for each of us, I’m sure 10 million does not seem too daunting now. Let’s achieve the next milestone faster and enjoy getting there. All we have to do is maintain the pace, stay focused on each of our responsibilities and do the hard work required. Let’s keep thinking, keep executing as best we can, keep working harder than all of our competition and keep loving what we do. It’s simple, just not easy.


What does this mean to each of us?

It’s a challenge to your abilities, it’s a challenge to your self-discipline, it’s a challenge to your time allocation, it’s a challenge to your dedication, it’s a challenge to your sense of accomplishment and it’s a challenge to your legacy of being part of a team that becomes truly relevant.


I’m sure each of you is proud of this milestone that we have achieved at CreditMantri – whether you joined last month or have been part of the team for long. Each of you has a milestone within you – identify it and work at it. My hope is that you can achieve it, at CreditMantri.


Let’s celebrate this milestone as we prepare for the road ahead. We’ll plan something in the days ahead. Thank you for being part of the team. 


Ranjit Punja

CEO & Co-Founder