Generally, for a score between 300 – 900, any score above 700 is considered as a good credit score. And if you have a score of 800, then it is definitely a good credit score. Having a score of 800 shows that you are consistent and doing it the right way with managing credit. Having said this, there is still room to improve and reach a perfect score of 850.     
With a strong score of 800 you will be credit worthy to qualify for credit from elite lenders. There are also other advantages that comes along a good credit score.

  • Easier to get loans

  • You may try negotiating for lower interest rates with banks

  • Request for higher credit limit

  • Better credit card deals

But with a perfect and exceptional score of 850 and above, you will be considered highly financially responsible. You will be looked after as prime candidates to get the best deals, instant approvals for credit, extra credit card perks, lower interest rates etc., by the lenders.
Therefore, continue paying your bills on time and maintain your good credit score forever.
Maintaining your good credit score is easier than bringing back a bad credit score on track. You will never be taken for granted with a perfect credit score of 850 and above, so aim to make your credit score a perfect one.