Borrowing money from banks would require you to fulfill certain eligibility criteria laid by them. The major criteria are your income, credit score and employment. When you are unemployed, it could be difficult for you to get approved for a loan. However, if you have regular monthly income through some source like receiving rent, you are likely to qualify for an unsecured loan. 

In case you are not able to show proof of income, you can get a co-applicant whose eligibility can get you a loan successfully. Also, remember that when you default on the loan repayment, it will affect your co-applicants credit score as well. 

Although unsecured loans are difficult to get with no employment, you can avail a secured loan. Loan against properties, gold loan, loan against fixed deposit, loan against insurance policies, stocks, etc., can help you avail a loan. The lender will use the securities to recover the loan in case you default the loan. 

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