Credit cards are beneficial in many ways if used judiciously. If circumstances have pushed you to default on your credit card bills and loan repayments, getting an unsecured credit card later can be an uphill task. 

All the banks check your creditworthiness before approving your credit card application. While a steady income and employment can easily get you a credit card, a bad credit may deter your chances very much.A bad credit could be the result of defaulting on your existing loans and hence your priority should be to get the bad credit history corrected. However, if you still wish to have a credit cars, you can get one through the following ways:

  1. Get a secured credit card: If you are in need of a credit card and have a bad credit score, all you need to do is open a fixed deposit with the bank you wish to get a credit card from. The bank will issue the card with a credit limit of up to 100 per cent of the deposit. However, the credit limit depends on the bank from where you apply for a card.

  2. Use an add-on card: If your spouse or parents have a credit card, you can ask them to get an add-on card. You can use the add-on card, which comes with similar benefits as the original credit card, with the only difference being a reduced credit limit. This is because the credit limit on the primary card is also shared with the add-on card.