There are different ways by which you can change the registered mobile number in Indane Gas online.

  1. Through IVRS Method – 

    1. You can choose this method if you haven’t registered your mobile number at all. 

      1. Call on Indane gas customer care number18002333555
      2. They will ask for some personal details to verify. 
      3. The registered mobile number will be changed after that.
    2. You can use this method if you have a registered mobile number and want to change it. 

      1. From a registered cellphone number, dial +917718955555 for IVRS.
      2. Choose the fourth selection - "Change of Personal Registration Number".
      3. To revoke your registered number, you must press 1 on your keypad.
      4. Next, enter the new Personal Registration Number.
      5. Consider it to be your unique registration number.


  1. Through SMS Method – 

Your registered mobile number for Indane Gas may also be modified by SMS. Because of how simple this process is, you can easily change your registered mobile number.

Follow these methods to update your mobile number in Indane Gas using SMS – 

  • Open the messaging application.
  • Please enter +917718955555.
  • Go to IOC - STD code, followed by the distributor's phone number – Consumer Number. 
  • You can now modify your registered mobile number.
  1. Through Online Method – 

The registered mobile number can also be changed online with your registered email ID.

Follow the below steps to change your registered mobile number

  1. Login to the official Indane website
  2. You will be asked to enter your email/mobile number.
  3. Now, head to personal details.
  4. Finally, you can change your registered mobile number.

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