People who are employed and have a good credit score wouldn’t have a problem of availing any kind of loan. With a high credit score they would even be able to get low interest loans and high loan amounts. But lenders options are limited when it comes to self employed people. But there are lenders who will be willing to provide funds for your business. A Personal loan is an easy way for a self employed person to procure money for his/her business. As long as you have a good credit score your lender will trust you to make the repayments on time and thus lend to you. These loans are also collateral free. 

Self employed people can also apply for business loans where they would get loans generally up to Rs. 50 lakhs. But there will be eligibility criteria that you would have to meet in terms of how long you have been running your business and the turnover. Lenders will ask you for your ITR to make sure you are eligible. There are also overdraft facilities,where you would have to only pay interest for the amount you have utilized. And there are also government backed schemes like the MUDRA scheme that provide funds for businesses.