No, not using a credit card does not hurt or lower your credit score. You can have a credit card and not use it for a while and still maintain your credit score without it lowering.

On the other hand, high utilization (above 30%) of one’s credit card limit can lower a credit score as over utilization will bring you under the category of “credit hungry”. In such cases, it is best to split your spends with another credit card or apply for a personal loan to manage finances better.

Also, if you have a credit card that is not being used, it is better to not close that account as closing a credit card can also negatively impact one’s credit score. This is because the individual then loses that particular credit product and shortens his/her average length of credit history. The longer the credit history, the better.

Finally, if the credit card is not used for a very long time, then the credit card issuer might stop sending credit report updates to the credit bureaus or even close the credit card and these two possibilities can negatively impact your credit score. So, it is best to maintain a low utilization that is below 30% of your credit limit.

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