Lenders see individuals with bad credit as risky borrowers. Upon that, an unsecured loan contains more risk to the lender as there is no collateral involved. Due to this reason, the interest rate on unsecured loans are generally higher. To be honest, the chances are lower with banks who might reject your application. 

Online lenders: 

Certain online lenders provide credit for people who have bad credit. You can check them online and explore multiple options. However, you may have to pay a higher interest rate on the loan. 
No Credit Check Loans: Look for lenders who provide credit purely based on your income and employment without doing a credit check. In case you have a good monthly income, chances are higher you will get approved for a good loan amount at better terms. 

Debt Consolidation Loans: 

There are special loans known as debt consolidation loans  which are provided to individuals who have multiple loans and want to unify all of them under a single loan. This can help the borrower close multiple loans even if there are defaults and repay all of them to a single lender with ease. However, you must remember that only up to a certain percentage of the total amount is given as debt consolidation loan, and the rest needs to be managed by the borrower. 

Get a Co-borrower: 

As you have a poor credit that may deter your loan eligibility, you can get the help of someone who can become a guarantor or a co-borrower. This can increase the loan eligibility due the good credit history of the co-borrower and get approved for the loan easily. 
Looking for a loan with bad credit? Don’t lose hope! You may become eligible for any one of the loans. 
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