Timely payment of your phone bill may not improve your credit rating in India. You may make these payments on time, but it has no impact on your creditworthiness. However, these timely payments show you in a positive light concerning the payment of dues. There are a few alternative credit scoring models that are yet to come into play in India. These models will consider utility bill payments like phone bills, electricity bills, rent payments etc. to evaluate the creditworthiness of individuals who don’t have a traditional credit history. 

Utility Bill Payments Do Not Get Featured in Your Credit Report 

Utility bill details like your telephone or your electricity bill may not be found on your credit report. Even if you have paid your bills through your bank account, the transactions will not feature in your credit report. However, if you have not paid your utility bills for a long time and the utility firm forwards your account to a collection agency, then it may appear in your credit report. Usually, credit scoring artificial intelligence systems track these payment details to evaluate the individual’s spending and repayment habits.