Yes, you should inform your insurer about the CNG Kit as it may affect your insurance premium rates. 

Fitting a CNG Kit may increase your Car Insurance Premium: 

Your car insurance premium is based on a variety of factors such as the make and model of your car, its ex-showroom price, the type of car insurance policy you purchase, the fuel type of your car, and so on. When you fit a CNG Kit, there could be an increase of at least 10% on your insurance premium. You should also determine the coverage for CNG Kit on your current car insurance policy.

It is recommended that you notify your insurer about the change in fuel type as soon as possible, rather than waiting until your car insurance renews. Start an endorsement before renewing your car insurance and as soon as the CNG kit is mounted.

Changes in fuel type can have an effect on car insurance claims:

Car insurance offers much-needed financial assistance in the event of a car-related mishap. However, before accepting the claim, your insurer can review the insurance policy as well as the damaged vehicle. If they find that you have fitted a CNG kit to your car and the same is not included in the policy, your claim will be denied.

Key Takeaway

Car Insurance policies are given for a particular fuel type. If there is a change in this specification, the insurer should be informed about it. This will avoid any issues during the claim process.