IDBI Bank home loan EMI calculator is available online and it gives instant EMI calculations with 100% accuracy. Borrowers can calculate and compare different EMIs at different loan amounts, interest rates and loan tenures. Using the IDBI Bank home loan EMI calculator allows borrowers to choose the right EMI amount that is affordable. They can also decide on the affordable loan amount and loan tenure. 

Factors affecting IDBI Bank home loan EMI

IDBI Bank home loan EMI can be calculated by using the free online calculator offered by the bank. This calculator takes into account various factors like loan amount, interest rate and the loan tenure for which a borrower wants to avail the loan.

  1. Loan Amount - If a borrower applies for a higher loan amount, he/she will have to pay a higher loan EMI. The bank offers a minimum home loan of Rs. 5 lakhs and a maximum amount of Rs. 10 crores.
  2. Interest Rate – During higher interest rates, IDBI bank home loan EMI can increase the total cost of the loan for a borrower. IDBI Bank currently offers a home loan interest rate starting at 6.95%. Borrowers must do thorough market research and compare interest rates before calculating home loan EMI and applying for a home loan.
  3. Loan Tenure - This is the total period during which a borrower can repay the home loan taken from IDBI Bank. The home loan EMI could be lower if one takes a home loan of 1-2 years as against a longer-term loan taken from IDBI bank. For a longer loan tenure, one gets to pay a smaller EMI amount.