One of the most distinguishable features of credit cards is that you can convert your payments into EMI’s so that you don’t have to face the blunt on your finances when you make a big purchase. HDFC Bank is one among the many lenders that give you the provision of converting your purchases into EMI’s. So, when your HDFC credit card payment becomes huge, it can be easily converted to smart EMI. 

In order to convert your payments into EMI’s, you need to check your eligibility first.

•    Login to HDFC Bank NetBanking
•    Go to the credit cards section and choose Smart EMI option
•    If you are eligible for the conversion, you will receive an SMS or call with the details of eligible amount, tenure and interest rate. For call, if you are interested in conversion, the loan can be booked immediately as it is pre-approved. For the SMS, if you are interested in the conversion, after accepting the terms and conditions, you can send the code mentioned in the SMS for confirmation. 
•    If you are not eligible, you may have to call the customer care to seek more information 
Apart from being convenient and pocket-friendly, Smart EMI option has other features as well.
•    Attractive rates of interest
•    No documentation is required to convert it to EMI
•    Tenure between minimum of 9 months to 36 months

Things to note

•    The interest is calculated by using the reducing balancing method
Ex: if we hypothetic
ally take the interest rate as 1.5% per month, below will be the calculation.


 Loan Amt.   (Rs.)

 36 months   tenure

 24 months   tenure

 18 months   tenure

 12 months   tenure

 9 months   tenure



















•    Your credit card’s monthly payment dues will include both EMI and GST on the interest amount
•    As of now, the processing fee is 1% of the loan amount and is exclusive of GST
•    Transactions of more tha
n 60 days and statemented transactions cannot be converted into EMI’s