SBI Pension loan scheme helps you get funds for your child’s marriage, to buy your dream house, plan for a vacation and especially for medical emergencies. Eligibility of personal loans for central and state government pensioners, defence pensioners and family pensioners will each have it's own criteria. But the maximum age at the time of availing the loan should be 76 years, which is common for all the three types of pensioners.

The maximum eligible loan amount and the repayment period also depends on the type of pensioner and the age. For example, central and state government pensioners below the age of 72 can get a maximum loan amount of Rs. 14 lakhs with a repayment period of 60 months. Whereas, family pensioners below 72 will get a maximum loan amount of Rs. 5 lakhs with the same repayment period on 60 months. You can apply for a personal loan on the SBI Pension Loan scheme on SBI Banks official website.

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