Repayments to CASHe can be made via NEFT, IMPS or UPI only. Repayment via cash or cheque is not accepted.

Repayments via NEFT or IMPS

  1. Enter your CASHe CLN# as the account number in the Account number field, and select Bhanix Finance and Investment Ltd as the account name.
  2. Please double-check that the IFSC code is KKBK0000958.
  3. Please ensure that the above information is entered correctly when transferring funds.

Repayment via UPI

  1. Once you've registered your UPI ID with CASHe and are ready to begin making loan repayments, go to the app's 'My CASHe' screen and select the 'Current Due' tab, which displays the amount owed to CASHe. 
  2. Select 'Repay with UPI' from the menu. The following screen will display the amount to be transferred as well as your UPI ID to which the funds must be transferred. 
  3. Then click 'Repay.' Please keep in mind that your UPI repayment is only valid for 60 minutes, as indicated in the app's status screen after your transaction.

Ensure to repay your monthly EMI before the due date to avoid incurring late payment charges and hefty interest charges.