Maharashtra bank allows account holders to make free cash withdrawal transactions at the bank’s ATMs without any upper limit on the number of transactions. The cash withdrawal limit from the bank’s ATMs is Rs. 20,000 per day. If the bank’s account holders withdraw cash from any other bank’s ATM, the limit is set at Rs. 10,000.

What are the cash withdrawal charges at other bank’s ATMs for Maharashtra bank account holders?

The bank allows the first five ATM transactions (including financial & non-financial) for free at other bank’s ATM. After 5 transactions, a customer is charged Rs. 20 for financial & Rs. 10 for non-financial transactions at other bank’s ATM.

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Are balance enquiries at Maharashtra ATMs free?

Customers can also make balance enquiries for free at Maharashtra bank’s ATMs. If a balance enquiry is made at any of the bank’s international ATMs, a charge of Rs. 34 per transaction is applicable. 

What are the charges for international cash withdrawals for Maharashtra bank account holders?

For Maharashtra bank account holders, a charge of Rs. 100 is applicable per transaction across the USA & Rs. 105 is applicable per transaction for other countries at other bank’s ATMs.

What are the annual charges for Maharashtra bank’s international debit card?

Customers availing of an international debit card from Maharashtra bank should pay annual charges of Rs. 100 plus applicable taxes after the first year.

Bank of Maharashtra debit card allows its account holders the freedom to access savings accounts at any time during the day. Customers can freely check their account balance at any of the bank’s ATMs as per their requirements.