If you are planning to start up a business with bad credit, getting yourself back on track to good credit health must be your first priority. A bad credit score must have resulted from a number of factors, the first step would be in identifying these factors by obtaining a detailed credit report. If the reasons are due to past defaults you should consider availing credit improvement services or contact the lender and get the payment done immediately.

The low credit score would take some time to reflect on the credit bureau and do ensure that post you have paid your dues, obtain a NOC from the lender and see to it that this past loan account is updated in the credit bureau. A credit healthy status would help you getter fresh credit at better rates to grow your business.


If the demand for capital is immediate , then you can consider alternative lending platforms or unsecured loans at high rates which might not be favourable, so we urge you to resolve issues of bad credit first and give your business the boost it needs with a fresh start.