There are several financial institutions that provide emergency loans to people who are out of jobs. Secured loans are provided against a collateral or security. The borrower will pledge an asset to the lender and the loan amount would be given according to the value of the asset pledged. Getting unsecured loans will be difficult as interest rates will be higher and chances of eligibility are less, unless you have a guarantor for the loan. Payday loans and no credit check loans provide you with emergency funds immediately but interest rates will be much higher. 

A gold loan is also a secured loan. You can pledge your gold to get the loan amount you need and most lenders wouldn’t need an income proof. Unemployed students can get educational loans by having their parents as guarantors or co-applicants. There are government schemes that provide loans for unemployed individuals, for example, Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana for Women, Prime Minister Rozgar Yojana, Agriculture loans and Loan Subsidy Scheme.

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